March 10, 2005

World War V Part 1

I'm disturbed at this recent news about what's occuring in Britain, and in many other countries like the Netherlands and France. Germany still remains rather safe from Islamic Fascism, but I attribute that to the German's ingrained sense of order, efficiency, and timeliness. Alles in Ordnung, so to speak, rather than the political will of Germany's leader.

But the countries in fear of their unassimilated Muslim populations are disturbing in themselves, they do not require the entire continent of Europe to be infested. Just one example, is cause to be afraid.

Because if Europe allows another kind of Nazism to take hold of them, and they do what they did in WWII and appease these new Islamic Fascists, I don't know what America will do with Europe.

Did we spend so much blood in WWII to liberate France and Germany from their crazed leaders, only to have them open their arms to the Islamic Fascists?

Europe opened her arms in the name of peace and cultural exchange, some decades ago. Europe, still has not learned. And I wish they had.


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