April 17, 2005

United Nations makes a Food game

Now this is interesting, the UN wants to brainwash children with video games. Didn't they believe that violent video games were bad for children? If so, how are they justifying the releash of a UN sponsored game that'll depict Oil for Food, Congo peacekeeping, and Tsunami Relief Efforts accurately, without damaging the nascent psyche of small children?

Wait, don't tell me, there's a parental lock?


Anonymous Cyan Bloodbane said...

As much of a techno junkie as I may be....finnaly something has come along to maybe think the digital age is going down a dark, strange path....

Give this about 5-10 years before this little "training" game becomes how the UN actually delivers aid to people...can't tell if that'll a good thing or not, but assuming it's the UN, I can bet there's a "Corruption & Briberey" code hidden in there as an Easter Egg...

17 April, 2005 03:59  
Blogger Ymarsakar said...

Technology is a tool after all, what affects the Good or Evil of a tool is the heart of the human user. Technology is nothing without a mind to direct it.

17 April, 2005 18:30  
Anonymous Cyan Bloodbane said...

Just like magic. lol

18 April, 2005 05:32  

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