September 15, 2005

The German Political Reformation?

Personalities count in German politics, but parties win elections. Polls show Merkel's Christian Democratic Union, or CDU, has slipped in recent days but still has the backing of 40.5% of the public compared with 34.5% for the Social Democrats. Despite many undecided voters, analysts say the gap will be tough to close — even for Schroeder, who orchestrated a dramatic come-from-behind surge against the conservatives to win reelection in 2002.
A lot of Americans would wonder, if the CDU has the majority of votes, why is the PM part of the minority party? And the answer is simple as it is depressing. In a multi-party parliamentary system, the extremes are pleased and catered to, not the middle ground. Therefore parties like the SDP (Social Democratic Party) can lean far left, join up with the Greens for 9% of the vote (9 fucking percent, they could be the damn neo-nazis for god sakes and they can get a majority), and win over the CDU. Dictatorship of the majority, where numbers count for everything, and where "moderation" gets screwed in the process. As I said, depressing. But if the Germans can overcome this and elect the CDU to be the PM, then all would be forgiven. But until then, the Germans are weak and undeserving of American aid, economic or military.

I actually saw an interview of this woman leader of the CDU on C-Span. Pretty articulate, answered a lot of questions, gave me some hope Germany wasn't the decadent piece of crap it currently looks like. Germans had a lot going for them, until they made the mistake of fighting the US not once but twice... Three times... jeez, will they never learn. People who fight the US and LOSE, but keep on fighting, ain't never going to get strong and powerful. Look at the Japanese, they lost once, and now they are powerful and great because now they know who the hell they shouldn't mess with, so they conserve their energies for productive work (like beating the shit out of North Korea and China if necessary).


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