January 19, 2006

That's gotta hurt



Blogger English Professor said...

That is just sad. Where is it from?

24 January, 2006 18:47  
Blogger Ymarsakar said...

don't know, was just a link I picked up from a pile of Amazing videos. Probably wasn't Iraq, Iraqis trained from American protocols wouldn't be that dumb.

The clothing suggests perhaps Lebanon or some uh, Sunni or non conservative religious areas. Maybe Saudi Arabia.

Could even be Turkey, heard they had some bombs awhile ago.

These people need help, but Iraq came first so everyone has to wait in line for a bit. Afghanistan and Iraq are like the people who won the lottery, and now everyone they know or don't know is out to steal their stuff or kill them in jealosy.

24 January, 2006 19:41  

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