March 15, 2006

Anti-american debates

Nothing against you loving you're country. It is you wanting us to love it which is difficult to accept.

These are good and informative comments.

I repeat the disclaimer as said before, Americans do not in the most part want anyone else to love our country. It is we, the Jacksonians after all, who believe that it is better to be feared than liked. As a matter of personal security.

What we do want is for Europe to compete as an equal. If you guys want to be independent, then it is time for you to foot 50% of the defense bill in NATO and 100% of your own defense bills. When we tried to pull bases out of Germany, people started complaining like spoiled children about their local economies.

So, yes, it is true that you fear us but it is also true that you fear a world without the US. We cannot change personal emotions.

I understand very well shame and other such motivations as jealousy and an inferiority complex. It is after all, the difference between Japan, Asian immigrants in the world, and Islamic jihad.

The Islamic world has the same inferiority complex as Europe does. The Islamic world just tends to be more violent about it.

We can't stop European citizens from lacking the willpower to resist American culture and American exceptionalism. We can't do that. We are not an Empire, we don't have Colonial offices in Europe telling people what to do at the point of a gun. If we did, people would probably like us more as they would be working for us as collaborators.

I don't have anything against Empire or Colonialism on a morale scale, as might other Americans. Whatever I dislike about them, I dislike because they don't work, make their nations addicted to foreign resources (Oil), and produces what is known as the Roman problem.

Where you end up with foreigners composing all of your army.

It is true that nationalism and patriotism are not the same things. Patriotism, the love of one's country, is very different from nationalism, the belief that your country is better than others.

The Chinese, for example, are very nationalistic. The Muslim Jihadists, however, are not nationalistic at all. They fight for no nation or flag. Nationalism as a world wide threat, is overblown.

Empires expand. America has not expanded. We still have 50 states. We are not asking NOR ALLOWING any other nation to vote on being annexed as the 51st, 52nd, 91st, or 101st State of America.

If we did, who would doubt that many nations in this world would vote to be annexed by the United States? Most people go to the US because they can't bring the US to them. Since we are not an Empire, they have to come to us, not we to them.

So it is slightly inaccurate to say that America is colonizing or being an empire. Because if we ever were an Empire.


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