May 11, 2006

The Mind of the Enemy

The quotes aren't exactly saying the same thing, but oh well.

What's really weird is that Al Qaeda knows that focusing on propaganda is effective in the short term, but not in the long term. Simply because if you fight a propaganda war, you tend to focus on media enhanced operations like VBIEDs and IEDs, rather than command and control, infiltration networks, and intelligence networks among the population. Those traits are required to take the battle to the field. Guerrilas cannot win without a battlefield engagement, that ends successfully. The Tet Offensive is one such field engagement. While it had its propaganda aspects, they still had to come out of the woodworks to make the assaults. They got smashed, and lsot the battle, but they did win the war. So propagand wars are always a bit of a gamble.

Obviously Al Qaeda understands that the gamble went sour. The Democrat Left tends to believe the terroists aren't playing them like a third stringer, the Democrats tend to believe it is Bush badly manipulating the terroists, not the other way around given how Bush is the real danger to their personal power bases not the terroists.

The Captain's summary and interpretation is also good. There are more interpretations of course, but that would be a lot of writing.

The question of why the Democrats deny that their actions to acquire personal power over the Republicans is helping the moral enemies of the American people, is a bit tricky. Why do they deny it and why do they not learn from the evidence already compiled?

Do they truly want power so much that they are willing to sacrifice the integrity of their minds and souls? Yes, I do think they are.


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