June 08, 2006

Personal Reply to Probligo

Some curious points just off the top of the head.

I started with the thought, “This is a joke, right?” It has to be! No one in their right senses would see the world like this?

I don't know why Probligo has trouble believing that I said what I said. Or maybe his problem is believing that I believe what I said. This is a problem I find common among those who are parochial and close minded. The possibilities of human beliefs, ideas, and philosophies are infinite. Why be surprised that people think in a way that you personally have never considered?

If people are surprised, that is their fault for not considering that such a surprising thing could exist.

I only commented on the state of the law, not on the personal view of eye level state of affairs in Australia or NZ. Probligo has far more experience with that. His reports of being assaulted, are curious. If he refers to being in specific violent neighborhoods, then I wonder why he was there.

NZ has a low population, and it is a statistical fact that small towns have lower crime than big cities, even if you equalize the populations. I wouldn't expect high crime in NZ, but that was not the point I was refering to when I said that Australian's are not allowed to defend themselves.

I am well aware of reasonable in self-defense. But the reality is, what is reasonable is decided by human beings, thus one reason why people are tried by their peers. What is reasonable is a personal decision people make, it is not a Gold Standard after all.

What this basically means is that Probligo's idea of reasonable force in the use of self-defense in NZ or Australia, is not the same idea of reasonable force an American would have.

This Marine fighting off 4 armed thugs, and killing one, is a good example.

Since I never spoke about Muslims in Australia, it is a mystery why Probligo brings it up almost as his first topic.

More strange is this.

With that as a basis, I am at a loss for words when I consider Y’s attitude to his place in society, how to relate with other people…

Carrying mace? Carrying ANY weapons? I have no need to. My wife feels no need (that she has mentioned to me anyhoos) for “protection” other than that which is advertised in women’s magazines and tv. Besides which, it is as illegal as a gun in NZ and probably also in Aussie.

The idea that a citizen carries weapons on his person and intends to use it in defense of body, kind, and kin shocks Probligo to speechlessness. Cosmopolitan people tend to have a broader tolerance and understanding of international differences than this, I suspect.

A man that has been assaulted twice or three times, as Probligo has graciously described for us, feels no need to carry weapons. That's a personal decision of course, but it lacks reasoning to an American. Or at least a Jacksonian American. Much of Hollywood might indeed agree with Probligo.

Y, you are welcome to your world of total paranoia. It obviously deserves you. I hope with all of my heart that your gun and your god never fail you. One thing is certain. With people such as you alive and well in America, I still have no reason to visit – ever! And if I did, I would never ever bang a paper bag behind you – far too damned dangerous to be worth it.

Again, Probligo is not being very cosmopolitan in his outlook on life. He treats violent teenagers that he describes in response to my "warlord" phrase as being people he respects, separated from those that he doesn't. Not sure what that exactly means, but the point is that Probligo seems to incapable of tolerating my world view, and speaks more glowingly of his own local teenage mafioso than America. He would visit the violent neighborhoods, Probligo has said, but he won't visit America because of me?

Such a behavior is very parochial.


Blogger The probligo said...

"The idea that a citizen carries weapons on his person and intends to use it in defense of body, kind, and kin shocks Probligo to speechlessness."

That really is the kernel.

That you want to, that you even think it necessary, to carry weapons is the point.


09 June, 2006 23:48  

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