July 16, 2006

Video of Dead Americans - A Jihadist's Joy

Now what I felt when I saw the video was not shock or rage or anything like that. It was calmness. The calm before the storm perhaps, but still. What I focused on was mostly the evidence that I saw. The blood splatters, the timeline, etc.

It looked to me like the blood on the ground was heavily coagulated. Meaning they were not beheaded or executed on that spot, otherwise bright arterial blood would be all over the concrete, not just pooled up in congealed spots the size of a head. Looked to me they dragged the corpses here to this spot, then beheaded them, then started taping.

The damage to the clothes looks like they were beaten by kicks and weapons or other things. One of the soldier's body was hacked apart with some kind of blade, a machete perhaps. The point is, they could not have been killed on that exact spot, not enough blood. A trained crime forensics expert could probably tell you more, but even I know that they could not have been executed while alive, then dragged to this spot, then videotaped. For one thing, it would make little sense to drag dead bodies around while the blood just "showed" an obvious trail, and it would make little sense not to video tape the beheading. Unless of course they were dead while they were beheaded, and the terroists did not want to give any connotation that these soldiers fought to the death.

So it is likely that the terroists had to kill these soldiers to kidnap them. Or maybe they resisted while enroute and were killed. Either way, it is logical. They msut have been briefed on what the terroists would do to captured Americans. They must have seen what the terroists did in Fallujah and other parts of Iraq to the Iraqis themselves. It is hard to believe that untrained civilians on Flight 93 would fight to the death to save themselves and others, but not trained soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division in Iraq.

It's not rage that grips me, because I did not know these soldiers, I do not even know what is being said on the video tape. I do not know the terroists who did it, therefore I cannot take action against them. I do not know the thinking process of the terroists nor was I forced to watch helpless Americans being trotted out for propaganda. My hopes were not dashed, because I did not have any hope that these Americans were still alive. When there is life, therei s hope. But when they are dead, there is no hope.

And that is why their propaganda does not demoralize. That and the fact that I usually convert hot rage to cold anger. I've detailed the difference between them before. Rage forces you to think and do things its way. Cold rage uses the power of anger to your own purposes. It allows you the clear thinking clarity of calmness, yet the indomitable spirit and willpower confered by rage and anger.

The best of both worlds. Angry people are predictable, but the more scary people are those who have control over their anger, rather than their anger controlling them. I would feel no need to make the terroists suffer as Americans have suffered, I would just kill them, neat and clean, fast and efficiently. There would be no time for talk, no time for mercy, no time for regret or joy. The terroists kill inefficiently, because they enjoy it. In the time that it takes a terroist to kill 2 people via torture, I can get all 20 of them.

Rusty has a point that this helps civilians remember 9/11. But I don't think I need that help. My determination is not shattered by demoralizing defeats, because I keep my morale in a state of tranquility, serenity, and equilibrium.


Anonymous Lucyp said...

I thought that you sounded a well informed person and the sort of blogger who may hold differing views but could debate them without reverting to childish insults as so many differences of opinion descend into. I will look out for your posts.

16 July, 2006 18:00  
Blogger Ymarsakar said...

You're welcome to read what you want.

17 July, 2006 19:13  
Anonymous Lucyp said...

I know, the beauty of the internet to pick up and put down whatever we like or dislike.

19 July, 2006 17:32  

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