October 03, 2006

An analysis of this man's position on suicide bombers

This guy has some conclusions that are very very wrong, if you analyse how he came about those conclusions. He believes 50% of suicide bombers are secular, as opposed to religious fanatics. Interesting to say the least.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, see, if you weren't such an ignorant fool, you'd know that Robert Pape bases his findings on a little thing called "evidence."

You just really boggle my mind sometimes. You're just so fucking stupid, you know? If Robert Pape took a pile of jellybeans and counted them, and said "there are 50 jellybeans," without even knowing what a jellybean was, you would be confident in declaring "Pape's conclusion about the number of so-called jellybeans is totally wrong, because my pre-conceived notions about the world, which I gained by reading such groundbreaking literary works as "SpaceWar9000: The MegaBattle Chronicles," prohibits me from believing there are 50 jellybeans."

Try, I don't know, picking up Pape's book, or reading one or two of his articles in which he discusses this amazing new concept called "research" that involves something called "collecting and analyzing data, from which you then draw conclusions based on the data, not some idea you just made up."

03 October, 2006 10:17  

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