February 26, 2005


A round up of news links about Europe, from the Daily Telegraph.

"But the way the French eat has changed. More and more French people are eating in McDonald's and snack bars, because of the limited time they have for lunch. That is particularly true in big cities. In the not-so-big ones, people might not have a three-course lunch like they used to, but they will still have a cooked main course and dessert and a glass of wine."

Opinions differ, read for yourself.

I returned home infuriated, however I booked my appointment nonetheless, took another day off work and drove the three hours. All went smoothly this time, however, I was informed that now I had my green card I would not need my stamp and therefore had made a wasted visit. . . twice.

Or in the view of people who can't even get a greencard, a redundant trip. In the view of those worried about terroists, it is a worry that will duplicate itself as more and more of Europe is taken over demographically by non-integrated immigrants.

The colonists return to England, bringing with them a dose of old-fashioned certainty. Soon the headmaster is elected to lead the Tory party back into government. His draconian policies are startling but, except for a few insignificant losses (immigrants, civil rights, the presumption of innocence, the European Union, Scotland and Wales), very successful.

If these are the best the imaginative British mind can come up with about change in their government, many people are in trouble.

About 100 people gathered in the shadow of St Briac church in Bourbriac to protest on behalf of locals unable to compete in a housing market driven by the spending power of foreign invaders, especially the British.

I find it interesting and ironic, that the so called cosmopolitan and sophisticated "Europeans" are protesting about foreign people coming in and buying land at greatly inflated prices from the local owners. The same is occurring in New York, and New York land is far more valuable than "Breton" land pound for pound so to speak. Except, the Americans welcome the buyout, as they get a good return on their real estate. But then again, Americans are entrepreneur like, while Europeans have no such motive given that they depend upon the state to redistribute wealth when it comes for their retirement. Americans tend to want to make their own money, to use as a retirement fund, and hence usually have a greater and safer nest egg than any government could realistically give.

No wonder France has umpthing something unemployment and Zero economic growth. Read on for more European hospitality.

One letter from a French official stated that the Special Operations Executive was not an operational unit, despite losing 104 agents on French soil or in German captivity.

"The attitude of my own country makes me feel ashamed," said Mrs Riols's French husband, Jacques. "It embarrasses me as a Frenchman." Mrs Riols, who has dual nationality, is 78 and her husband will be 84 next month. Both are in good health but accept that in appealing to Michèle Alliot-Marie, the French defence minister, they are making their last attempt to force a change of heart.

All I can say is... what the heck did you expect from the French in the first place?

It is not just Britons, fed up with overcrowding and poor weather, who look to another continent for a new life. Across the Channel, the Dutch middle classes are quitting clogged roads and street violence in numbers unheard of in living memory.

Australia is a top destination for a wave of migration among educated Dutch people, sparked by racial strife and increasing unrest in the Netherlands. The murder of homosexual populist politician Pim Fortuyn and film-maker Theo van Gogh are seen as linked to the exodus. More people left Holland in 2003 than arrived.

Europe has serious problems if Europeans are heading for the Outback to get away from the Europeans. Even native integrated Europeans don't like the place, and we wonder how come Europe doesn't "assimilate" their immigrants as well as we do. Brings up the question why anyone even goes to Europe in the first place. Terrorism perhaps? Cheap labor to support EuroCare? All are possibilities, but healthcare doesn't seem to be one of them. Australia seems to offer better socialized healthcare than the Europeans who came up with the system could, certainly they wouldn't find their subsidies in the US.


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