March 30, 2005

Bleach Episode 25

Bleach's Episode 25 has some interesting differences with Naruto. In that in Bleach's episode, the humour is spaced quite evenly through the 18 minutes. That means however, that when anything serious comes up, it never stays serious. There's always some absurdity going on or something else equally laughable. While it's funny, for sure, it totally ruins the seriousness of that particular segment.

When they're in a human spirit cannon-ball and they're about to hit a shield and get separated, the episode still depicts the rivalry between Ichigo and an Indiginous Forces ally in ridiculous terms. This kind of warping between seriousness and the threat of imminent death with humour and absurdities, is very unsettling. Unlike Naruto, which paces humour into one episode.

You will clearly know which episodes of Naruto are the funny ones and which are the serious "mission" orientated ones. It is consistent with the story arc as well, some story arcs are small and funny while others are long and serious.


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