March 22, 2005

Lance in Iraq

Thank freaking GOD that the UN refused to help out in Iraq, derailing Bush's rather multilateral and all too sentimental policy of coalition building. We dodged a great and dangerous bullet the moment when the UN pulled out of Iraq, with their dicks between their legs. I never trusted the UN, and the thought that we were trying to get their "help" in Iraq was sickening.

So Matt wants to inflict UN troops guilty of horrible crimes against humanity on innocent Iraqi men, women and children and have US taxpayers fund it. A major omission in this article that is the fault of the Tennessean writer or editor is that President Bush spent 1 1/2 years before the war asking the UN to get involved (by enforcing their own resolutions) and they refused. We asked them to get involved in the rebuilding process and they refused. Mr. Leber needs to either start reading the newspaper or take an ethics class.


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