March 19, 2005

Euronews Part 3

EuroNews Part 2
Dutch piece on the hero worship of the Killer of Van Gogh.

A report on what happened to free speech in the Netherlands, or lack of it.

Britain, the land of inclusion and sensitivity. Now shits on the Jews for sensitivity.

A report from Britain concerning radical Muslims in their country.

The Muslim Brotherhood's grips in Britain.

Nothing in Nottingham.

In the late 1980s -- well before Mr Green's watch -- I happened to spend some time in Nottingham looking in depth at the drug problem. What I found was astonishing. It was not just the explosion of crack cocaine in the city. It was the extraordinarily short-sighted strategy being pursued by the police at that time to contain it. To be more precise, it was a strategy not to contain it. It seemed to consist of police setting up surveillance over crack houses, which they watched for month after month without making any arrests. Instead, they were lying in wait to catch 'Mr Big'. But there was no 'Mr Big'. Instead, the nature of crack cocaine addiction and trade being what it is, there was a relentless procession of Mr (ands Ms) Littles, all buying -- and then turning into dealers, and getting bigger and bigger, and spawning more dealers among the people buying from them; and so on, and appallingly on. Meanwhile, the Notts police did little apart from watch -- so much so that crack cocaine was being dealt openly in cafes in the Radford Road, a few yards down from the police station itself.

Europe is pocking going to the shits. America has bigger fish to fry than Europe's problems with their identity. Though any future World Wars must factor in the assumption that Europe is going Jihad on us possibly in the next 50 years, or 2 generations whichever comes first. Or however soon Muslims can get elected to be PM in France, thereby ordering the launching of nukes on us.


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