March 11, 2005

Israel Defense Force Bans RPGs, the game

In response to the IDF revelation, one D&D player provided a Top 10 list of positive reasons for having IDF recruits who play D&D.

10. Ability to make split second decisions while simultaneously thinking about how the entire scenario will play out.

9. Axe-wielding skills.

8. Two words: Healing potion.

7. Ability to think outside the labyrinth.

6. Most Dungeon Masters are good strategists.

5. Being a 15th level magic user warrants as much respect as being a soldier in Sayeret Matkal.

4. Elf assassins are stealthy and efficient.

3. Chicks dig chainmail armor.

2. After battling enough dwarfs and mystical pygmies you learn not to underestimate your enemy.

1. Heightened ability to read people — "She may look like a Mermaid but there is definitely something nefarious about her and I've been less trustworthy of female lake dwellers since that Siren pulled a fast one on me last year back on the Netherworld."

This is not a joke.


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