March 08, 2005

Lies, Distortions, and ultimate Victory

I wrote this response to a rather interesting series of comments to Totten's blog post about a newspaper writing about possibly being wrong on Bush.

It isn't about Vengeance but Justice. Don't look at it as the Golden Rule, but look at it refined.

Treat your inferiors as you would have your superiors treat you. The heart of justice is giving people what they deserve, not an ounce less nor an ounce more.

And therefore it would indeed be an injustice to subliminate the truth in favor of "chilvalry" to our foes, whether American or foreign. It is unjust to give chivalry to the terroists in Fallujah when we know they are torturing innocent lives and perpetuating a crime on an entire nation. Why give mercy to the merciless? Is that Justice? And why should it make us dishonorable to treat people unlike how we would want to be treated, who don't even understand what honor is, let alone something to aspire to?

To those that gave their life, their fortunes, and their sacred honors in the endeavour that was Iraq and Afghanistan, to those men and women of irrecomparable strength and decency, we must not forget.

We cannot allow the fake liberals, the extreme Leftists, the anti-war "protestors" that were in league with organizations that had financial ties to real tyranny, to rewrite history as they did in the Cold War and in Vietnam. It is only our memories and our Will that allows the Truth to be told, if all those are gone then hello to 1984.

"What if it does all blow up in our faces? Should you be completely and utterly disgraced? It's okay to be wrong. It happens, and it happens to everybody."

We have pledged our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor in this endeavour. Some have pledge two out of three, or one out of three for those fighting media corruption in the back lines of the USA. But nevertheless, we will be completely and utterly disgraced regardless of how we act, but we will not only if we win. Because the only thing that matters, the only thing that EVER mattered was Victory. Who gloated in Vietnam that warranted the dishonorable way we treated our military and how we disgraced this nation? I wasn't around in that time, so perhaps there were people who "gloated" that we were winning, but I don't think many people thought at any time in the conflict that the tide had turned the way we believe now about Iraq. Who was wrong about the Tet Offensive? Being wrong doesn't matter worth A CRED. Being on the winning side is everything. The Declaration of Independence should have told us that, if anythng. Being RIGHT is never enough.

I don't give a terroist care about whether I am right, they are wrong, or whatever. I care only for Victory. Because it is only victory that can make the deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan, and 9/11 NOT IN vain.

And to do that, I will do everything in my power to destroy the corruptig influence in America that lowers the morale of our fighting forces every single time they speak negatively about America for partisan gains. I will not forget that, and I will not pretend that the morale of our men and women are unaffected by the American public opinion. "Gloating" in the sense some use it, is some hackneyed attempt at boasting of something that isn't true. Whereas what we should and are doing, is commending the efforts of our troops and giving credit where credit is due. Therefore I will give the credit of the vast majority of the tsunami relief efforts to AMERICA and her CARRIER the Abraham Lincoln. It is not GLOATING to give credit where credit is due and to note that if the UN wasn't so busy pocking children in the Congo and in Asia, they might just might have contributed a quarter as much as AMerica contributed.

Morale wins wars. George W. Bush is the closest thing we have to a living Abraham Lincoln. The Union was winning the war through a series of power victories, and this caused everyone to hype the war as "already" over. Then a series of setbacks by the Confederate army pushed the Union back from Richmond, the Confedcapital, thereby delaying the war and KILLING Union morale. Remind you of something, maybe the jubiliation and despair after the March to Baghdad?

It was the Democrats who were for peace and a peaceful reunification via "diplomacy". Have we forgotten some easily that had Antietam been a disaster for Lincoln, that the Democrats would have gained control of the House and therefore the funding for the Union Army?

We have forgotten, we have forgotten that it was only the victory at Antietam that successfully allowed the Republicans to maintain control of the House and therefore keep the war effort going in 1862. A war effort that ultimately culminated in the Emancipation Proclamation.

If we allow ourselves to subliminate victory because it is "uncouth" to yell it out at the steps of the capital and into the internet, then we have given the battle for morale entirely to the enemy and our so called "loyal" opposition. If our morale is not high when defeat comes, we will allow it to defeat us, and ruin everything we have worked for.

We cannot allow that to happen. We must remember, and if you can only remember by gloating, then go ahead.

The military deserves our memory of the injustices committed against him. General Mattis of the Marines, deserves our recognition and respect for how he didn't give a fig what his morale boosting words would be read by the media, so long as his Marines were motivated.

General Mattis's mistake.


"PRESS: Oh, come on. Sean, you’re hurting yourself here. Look, this guy is wearing the uniform of the United States. He’s got the responsibility to represent the United States, No. 1.

No. 2, he is responsible for figuring out how to better train our Marines. The message that he’s sending our young Marines is, "Hey, you’re an American. Go over there; have fun, kill people."

HANNITY: That’s not what he’s saying.

PRESS: Here’s what’s sad, Sean.

HANNITY: That’s not what he’s saying.

PRESS: Yes it is, word for word. And here’s — let me finish.

HANNITY: We can’t have it both ways, Bill. We can’t train these guys to be killers.

PRESS: Let me finish a sentence. There are 140,000 of our men and women other there who are doing a heroic job.

HANNITY: Bill Press...

PRESS: And this idiot makes them all look bad.

HANNITY: Bill Press, you cannot treat these guys and train them to be killers and then, when they take pride in defeating evil, you cannot sit there in the comfort of a studio in Washington, or we can’t sit here back in the comfort of our homes in the United States, and judge these guys for doing what is necessary in the dark side of war, and that is confronting and ultimately defeating evil in their time.

I think this guy is a hero. The New York Times (search) said he’s revered by his troops for being a strong leader.

PRESS: I think he ought to be fired. And you know what’s a scandal? Where’s Donald Rumsfeld? Why hasn’t he condemned these remarks? It’s been more than 24 hours.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: It’s really amazing.

PRESS: Where is the commander in chief?

COLMES: It’s really remarkable, Bill. I find this indefensible.

You know, again, you had a great analogy: if it were the converse, what would people be saying? You know, we have a certain moral standard. We love to talk about how moral and just we are and that war is not about revenge. It’s about justice, especially in response to what happened on September 11.

And this is a vengeful comment that you would think would be beneath the dignity of someone defending the United States of America.

PRESS: You know, look, I compare it to Abu Ghraib (search). To me, the same thing with Abu Ghraib. What would we think if our prisoners were being treated like that? We would be up in arms, rightfully so.

The Arab community is going to be up in arms, rightfully so, about what this general said. It is not saying our soldiers don’t do their duty. We want them to do their duty. We want them to defend us. We know that killing is part of warfare. But to go out and say you take lethal pleasure in it?

COLMES: By the way, those who have fought in wars, most of them talk about how ugly it is, how terrible it is, how reprehensible it is, but you do it for your country. I’ve never heard anybody say it’s fun to do it.

And by the way, should we be mocking the manhood of Afghanistan men?

PRESS: Well, no, frankly. But I mean, look, again, this is what you might expect to hear from Usama bin Laden, right? Or you might expect to hear it from Zarqawi, how much fun it is to kill other people. You might expect to hear from, maybe, a gang leader in the inner city. Or a terrorist, a suicide bomber among the Palestinians.

You don’t expect to hear it from a general of the United States of America."

We must remember, because if we do not, we committ an injustice against every single person who has EVER died in the defense of America.


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