March 02, 2005

Stack em up like Logs!

That's right, stack em up like logs because by the time we're done, that is all those dead bodies will be useful for!

It is a rather famous military joke, which is only 3 quarters seriousness and 1 quarter grim joke. Because usually "stacking people" up is what happens when they are RUSHING you, and you are trapped in a stronghold.

Some of the 1993 Veterans of the Somalia action did indeed stack those 'skinnies' up like logs, but their situation wasn't exactly "good" when they did so.

This idea is present in other cases and times, however. President Bush has a personal score card of the AL-Qaeda leadership, and whenever one dies or gets captured, Bush crosses him out. "One down, and an X number to go" is probably what Bush is thinking.

When the Marines took Fallujah the Second, they were probably thinking, "a thousand something terroists down and a terroist stronghold taken, something more hundreds to go".

This is known as the "kill count", of which many people participate in. Here, let me show you an example of how even a pacifist will participate in the "kill count" tradition of humanity since time immemorial.
The deaths Monday of two U.S. soldiers in a vehicle accident in Beiji, 155 miles north of the capital, reported by the military Tuesday, brought the number of deaths among the U.S. military to at least 1,499 since the beginning of the Iraqi war, according to an Associated Press count.

At least 1,135 died as a result of hostile action, according to the Defense Department. The figures include four military civilians. The AP count is 12 higher than the Defense Department's tally on Monday.

Anyone want to guess what the original topic of this yahoo piece was?

It was about the mass suicide bombing of Iraqi police recruits, the 100+ kill count. So why is the AP/Yahoo/International News counting coup over the US killed?

Are they thinking, "One US fucker down, 1,500 thugs down total, X number to go"?

8) "I'm assuming (Michael Kelly's) family won't be reading this, but frankly, I'm gratified to learn that he paid the ultimate price for his sins of warmongering. This guy was scum. My first thoughts on seeing the thread were that I hoped it was that scum Post warmongering writer. My second thought was that it was a late April Fool's joke. But no false sadness from me, only happiness that someone as mean and vicious as Mike Kelly got what was coming. As for all the posts about "coming by his views honestly" and "not speaking ill of the dead", congratulations on taking the high road guys, but *ssholes like Kelly have to die sometime, and I prefer it is as a direct result of their sins. But what do I know, I'm happy that Reagan has Alzheimers and that * has access to pretzels. I wish death on my enemies, and these guys are enemies." -- jackswift on the death of Michael Kelly in Iraq

What the pock, these pacifistic road kill, think they can stack us against the wall like logs? Bullshit.

They would be lucky enough to stack their heads up along the wall in lieu of getting staked.

They're doing this because they're weak and demoralized, they are trapped inside a building, and the Marines are coming for them. The terroist appeasors can't help the terroists that are trapped, in anyway directly, but they can give good fake but accurate media coverage about how the terroists are "stacking US Marines" up like logs. In order to give a "brave, heroic" last stand value to the picture.

Why, are the terroists trapped, you ask?
The video of the French journalist, who disappeared Jan. 5, was dropped off at the Baghdad offices of an international news agency. There was no indication of when the tape was made.

"Please help me, my health is very bad," she said in English. "Please, it's urgent now. I ask especially Mr. Didier Julia, the French deputy, to help me."

Julia, a lawmaker from French President Jacques Chirac's governing party, led a botched effort to free two French reporters taken hostage in Iraq last year. Those reporters have since been released.

Because they wouldn't be kidnapping French journalists unless they were in dire need of moola and deniros. It's the end of the road, their money is running out, their strongholds are gone, their support among the populace is going beyond zero, and the Marines are getting closerrr...

This is the taste of victory, and as bitter an ingredient as the AP and Yahoo news are, we will relish this dish to the dregs


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