February 28, 2005

World War I flash

World War I

Here's a little mind quizz. Read the below and made up your mind whether this sounds European or it sounds American. Then click the link to see the answer.

Open Diplomacy - There should be no secret treaties between powers
Freedom of Navigation - Seas should be free in both peace and war
Free Trade - The barriers to trade between countries such as custom duties should be removed
Multilateral Disarmament - All countries should reduce their armed forces to the lowest possible levels
Colonies – People in European colonies should have a say in their future
Russia - Russia should be allowed to operate whatever government it wanted and that government should be accepted, supported and welcomed.
Belgium – Belgium should be evacuated and restored to the situation before.
France - should have Alsace-Lorraine and any lands taken away restored.
Italy – The Italian border should be readjusted according to nationality
National Self – Determination - The national groups in Europe should, wherever possible, be given their independence.
Romania, Montenegro and Serbia – Should be evacuated and Serbia should have an outlet to the sea
Turkey – The people of Turkey should have a say in their future
Poland – Poland should become an independent state with an outlet to the sea.

Wilson might not have been the "shit" in US Presidents so to speak, but he was far smarter and wiser than the British and the French.

Which is why I find it pretty funny that the Europeans keep talking about how "unsmooth" George Bush is compared to Schroeder. If the Europeans have gotten "smoother" since World War I, I don't even want to know what sort of thing they think is "good" now.

The most unsmooth President of the United States in his worst, is wiser than the smoothest political liar in Europe.

Old Europe, of course.


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