February 26, 2005

Reverse Engineering

Nils Schneider reverse-engineered the iPod's firmware. This means that hackers now have the means to move data off of and onto the iPod at will, but more interesting is how he accomplilshed it. He figured out how to get the iPod to convert its firmware to a series of squeaks (essentially, to play it like a piece of music) and then converted the music back into software.

If you listened to the environmentalist anti-humanist quacks out there, they would have you believe humanity is too stupid to figure out the "vibe" of the universe. Many personas differ, and it is not a coincidence that those personas are directly opposite in alignment to the animal rights and environmental rights activists.

If ever someone figured out how to do the things the quacks complain we should be doing, it will be those who favor ingenuity and research, not those who favor stagnancy and hopelessness.

I feel good and secure in the knowledge that the US can elevate people who can reverse engineer an ipod like that, just as I feel good and secure knowing that there are Lt. Generals out there, though scorned by the fake liberals for his words, who are more than capable of guarding the gates from the barbarians.


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