April 03, 2005

Canadian Corruption

Canada's Corruption
Canada might have opted out of the Oil for Favors thing, but I guess they got their own domestic hot rod to take care of things.

I heard of some kind of scandal in the lead up to the Canadian elections around 2002, from a Canadian blogger. He was talking about how Albany and BC got screwed again out of the MP seats because they had less population than Quebec and the Sasketchwan. He also mentioned something about "Liberal" scandals and how the Conservative coalition couldn't win even with the LIberals scarred with scandals.

Maybe he spoke too soon. Unless of course, the Liberals simply covered it up up in Canada, and it blew up in 2005.

Could be another scandal altogether of course that was in the lead up to the Canadian elections, however. So don't take my word for it.

I still think Canada has got some weird things going on. Things that should be investigated, and not by the CBC.

GOvernment paid organizations investigating the government, is like the UN council investigating itself for Oil for Favors discretions.


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