October 02, 2005

American Empire: Nostalgia

Wow Ymarsakar.. I'm truly impressed by your frankness. You have just summed up the imperialist and arrogant thinking that I believe is at the very heart of the current US Administration... and you've done it using the real words and feelings.

Go ahead and quote me if you want. But I do have this to say about American Imperialism. It is not the Imperialism of Europe, or of Rome, or of Athens.

It is a new kind of Imperialism, simply because America is exceptional in the entire history of the world. The destiny of Americans are unique. You may shirk from this fate, but 9/11 will be the result. You may want to surrender, but Sharia Law is the consequence.

This is the same for those who support the War on Terror and those who do not.

The best of Empires are not created from people who want to expand their base of power, it is created from humble people who only want to live their lives peacefully and without undue harm to people and animals.

The American Empire does not tax other nations, provinces, or occupied territories like the Romans did.

The American Empire does not subjugate the people where our military bases reside, as UN peacekeepers do in the Congo and Asia through Food for Sex.

The American Empire does not create puppet regimes with no independence of power, as many accuse us of doing in Afghanistan.

So many people are unable to think outside the box of American Empire=bad and America=good. That is why the idea of pacifism being the tool by which we spread our control, is so alien in concept. Pacifism is the result of civilization. Anyone who wants to civilize the world, and live in sappy happy peace and prosperity, is also spreading pacifism, delusions, insanity, and other inanities on a scale never before seen in humanity. Mass insanity has so far, not occured on a frequent basis in humanity, but in the 21st century, it is booming in frequency.

There are few pacifists in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why? Because they are not civilized. There are a lot of pacifists in Germany, UK, Japan, and Australia. Why? Because they are civilized.

This is another of the bizarre but interesting bits. I don't know quite what the author is trying to get at with pacifism as a disease. At least not with it going directionally from the US to other nations.

Since pacifism results from civilization, and America is the center of civilization being the greatest nation in the history of the Earth, it follows quite logically. Don't you think so?

There is a certain element of self-delusion involved with the peace crowd and with some nations (it seems) where it is believed that no one will hurt them if they don't fight. This is dangerous and foolish.

It is dangerous... to them that is. Not to us, we have 10+ Carrier Battlegroups that patrol the world's seas hunting down pirates and other childish behavior. The second largest Navy has what, 3 Carriers?

The American Navy, in terms of tonnage, is larger than the next 17 largest navies in the world. That is the 17 Navy Rule.

Imperial Japan was a danger to us, then we infected them with pacifism, and they went through the disease period in which they lacked self-will, hated America, and couldn't defend themselves.

That was the whole point after all. The fact that Japan is growing stronger, is not because of us, but because of the strength of their culture and national self-esteem. After having come through that disease, they are now immunolized to it so that it won't kill them in the future. The fact that it helps us, is only a side-effect. The primary purpose of American intervention and occupation is to make sure nations are no longer a threat militarily. It can be assumed that Germany, France, Britain, Australia, and Japan are no military threats to America.

I have no problems with an American Empire. I also have no problems with America, I love America, America is indeed the greatest nation on Earth. Who better to rule the world than the greatest group of people that have ever existed? America can be first among equals, if the title of "Ruler" offends some weaklings.

Americans are weird, and anti-historical. Americans will help their enemies, when their enemies would rather torture and behead Americans and innocents. Americans will lift from the depths of ignorance and poverty, a people that they expect no gratitude from. Americans still value the anachronistic virtue of honor, keeping one's word to a person or group of people like the Kurds and iraqi Shias. Americans, however, do not value honor over pragmatism.

It is... insane in some respects, perfectly rational in others. To America, only national security matters, it does not matter that we help everyone in the world begging for help because we do not need their gratitude though we would appreciate it. And yet, it has come about, that if we don't help or begin to help the world out of poverty and stupidity and despair... we ourselves will be destroyed in the end. How's that for the destiny and fate?

A people who do not want to fight, who do not want to be worshiped or given undue respect, charity or generosity, now commands the greatest Army on the Earth, the greatest Air Force, the most experienced and deadly ground combat forces, and the mightiest Naval fleet ever to have graced the seas of Earth.

Who would have thought that such a mongrel of a nation such as the United States, would put to shame the glories of Rome, Athens, and the feudalistic claptrap of Europe.

History is full of underdogs. Most of them get crushed, like Spartacus in the Roman Gladiator/Slave rebellion. But once in awhile, history is fit to grace us with a statistical anomaly.

And when history commands that burden be placed upon the nation of America, for the good of the world and for the existence of peace and prosperity, who are we to say no to history?

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