October 01, 2005

Propaganda done correctly

Many attempts at propaganda are done incorrectly, in a half bungled half worthwhile kind of way. The below was not.

The power of propaganda is many, while the counters are just as diverse. It is the truth, but not the whole truth, but stil the best lies are true.

I remind everyone, that bias isn't the problem. We all have one, even if it is mutually exclusive with others. The danger is in the propagandizing of media bias, they are situated in a critical place where they have the power to project their propaganda easily and effectively over great distances. They get paid to do so as well, by either government, BBC CBC, or private companies, advertisements.

This has got to stop. The only way to destroy a democracy is through propaganda, that is the only way. It is also the best way.

The free press is no longer free, they have shackled themselves with the chains of propaganda. Those who make policy, should be the only ones doing propaganda, those who only report on policy should not buy into, regurgitate, or design their own propaganda projects.


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