February 12, 2006

Blood Guilt - Why It Doesn't Matter

As to the "why", which you say has not been addressed here, I'll offer the same answer I've read "everyone" who supported Hitler give: He was anti-communist. And let your imagination, for now, wander.

I think patriotic Americans have to realize that you're being taken advantage of. Your natural disgust of Hitler is being made to penetrate your psychological barriers, and lead you into a certain line of thought and argument. The tone is pretty consistent.

The truth is that it doesn't matter if America supported Hitler or not. It really doesn't. Just as it no longer matters how many weapons and money we shipped to Stalin to equip his death squads, his central starvation committees, and his gulag special police. The worse thing the communists, socialists, and anti-American fascists (David Duke) can accuse the United States of, is being an adult and taking care of our own messes. Americans aren't free loaders, socialists and communists are. Perhaps they believe Americans can be made to feel guilty about true or made up evidence of "Schroeder" and "prescott bush" support for Hitler, because they hate Hitler so much for betraying them, but I and probably others don't really give a damn.

We're not the murderers here. We don't support fascism or socialism or marxism, we end it. And perhaps that is the point. Everyone else that is against America wants to start something up, but we are the ones who have ended world conflict time and time again. Not without cost, blood and sacrifice. But neither did we shirk from our duty and paying our debts.

Some Americans may feel guilty, but then if the socialists want to feel guilty for empowering Hitler and communists want to feel guilty for siding with Hitler and then getting stabbed in the kidneys, they can be my guest. I don't really care what they think they are guilty of or not. Their attempts to spread the guilt and the responsibility to other people, are pretty transparent. They accuse anyone that doesn't place importance on this "blood guilt" they manufacture, of being Hitler apologists. And perhaps we are Hitler apologists, along with Stalin apologists, but at least be a little bit balanced. If you want to blame America for your purported "Prescott Bush" connections, then blame America for our Stalin and Gulag connections as well. That's nothing too onerous to do, now is it. All I ask is a bit of a balanced propaganda.

Too bad we didn't kill Stalin when we got him in a meeting, might have saved a lot of innocent gulag people. But perhaps the gulags don't matter to some people, only Nazi camps do.

Here's the collective guilt again. "Not only the US", as if we share the blood guilt of a bunch of vatican euro diplomats.

Misery loves company.

The way I see it, there are too many
naive people who refuse to take responsibilty for what Americans (and other beloved western "civil" societies) have done, or allow to happen to serve our interests. You appear to be one of them.

Heh, you see my fellow Neo Cons? "Our interests", as if our interests were to help Stalin and his communists fight the Nazis AND have the Nazis fight the communists. The point is so entangled, in the web we weave when we first practice to deceive.

America armed both sides in the Iran-Iraq war, Al Quaeda, Saddam, and a mirade of other anti-communist goons.

Some people are so confused over their concentration on anti-Americanism that they can't even figure out which side we are on in a conflict, and so they think we are on ALL sides. Dudes, we are not Kerry, we don't do the "voted for it before I voted against it before I did it when I didn't do it". Stop confusing people.

Or was there no western percieved threat of communism then? A most ridiculous assumption.

Oh, quite indeedy, it is a ridiculous assumption that the Americans are for Hitler and against communism, in which we armed boths ides of the conflict.

Some people don't even read history anymore. Or maybe they do, but never took logic 101 and somehow fell into the pit of bad reasoning.


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