February 09, 2006

On Propaganda - A comment

It's not the UN nation's fault the Jews didn't want to settle for anything but Israel in the Mid East. They weren't in a fortified moral position to tell the Jews that living in Palestine was not a good idea.

Safety, prosperity, and equality under the laws were available in America. And many concentration camp rescued Jews went to the nation of the soldiers that freed them. But many didn't.

Problem was, the Jews wanted from the Americans and Europeans, a nation called Israel in their Holy Land, which was unhistoric yet the US and the UN did not set up roadblocks to it. The Nazis that were left unpurged in Palestine, did setup roadblocks however. And here we are, with their war. All the World Wars are connected, all four of them, to experienced historians.

Righteous victims can get whatever they ask for and is considered fair.

That power of propaganda and morality is not something that can be limited by the words of nations. Neither then nor here.

The only difference between the Palis now and the Jews back then, was that the plight of the Jewish was real and the plight of the Palis here is fabricated.

But fabricated victimology is even more powerful and everlasting than real Holocausts.

It has an elegance to it, that neat and gritty reality will never have.

As to Goebbels, I do believe he said English Propaganda was built around the Big Lie. Suggesting perhaps that his propaganda is a lot more elegant and subtle than the English method of keeping telling lies until they are believed.

Which, if you look at the BBC, the CBC, and the Democrats in the US, you might see a resemblance to the Big Lie technique.

One of Goebbel's masterpiece was pumping up the casualty list from Dresden, from an actual 23,000 to a 230,000. See, he just took the real documents and reports, and just added in another zero. Isn't that elegant? He didn't make up the numbers, the deaths, the graves, and the personal testimonies. He just added another zero to the tally.

That is elegance in propaganda. To build upon something that is already truth, and to have it be self-sustaining until you can no longer tell the truth from the lies.

The transparent propaganda that the internet has unmasked, is obviously lies. Palestine and the Arabs, however, have had 50 years to build their foundations of myths, half-truths, and legends of fluff.

It has gained a life of its own. And to end it, requires a lethal mentality that the Jews and the State Department do not have and never have had.

Everything is made consistent in the fabric of the constructed propaganda reality that is Palestine. The actions of the Jews, Americans, suicide bombers, Nazi backed Saddam and Baath parties, and theological clerics and Iran. All is consistent in the framework of the Palestinian and Arab myth.

Such an endeavor did not spring up overnight, Hitler himself had to construct his propaganda base from the ground up. While the Arabs in the Middle East, learned from Hitler's lessons directly under his knee, it still took them 50 years of unrelenting indoctrination to produce the flower of Jihad that is Palestine and Arab culture.

It is a wondrous work of propaganda, full of depth and creativity. It does not remove the depravity and the destruction, it simply highlights it and adds to it. Because true evil has a tint of beauty to it, a greatness and an everlasting elegance and grace.

And there is nothing greater in this world than the American-Zionist-Palestinian-Arab-Nazi propaganda construct.

Western democracy runs a close 2nd, but it still takes second place. It is catching up, but it is 50 years behind in the making.

Western democracy cannot inflame the passions of millions into a killing frenzy devoid of mirth and mercy, as Arab-Palestinian-Nazi rhetoric and propaganda can do. Much of that has to do with the peaceful nature of democracy, its focuse on life instead of death, but still, most of the practictioners of Western democracy don't find it so valuable they would kill or die for it.

And that's just the plain truth. How is something great in the minds of man, if that man is not willing to kill or to die for it?

Flight 93 is special and unique, only in America would that happen. Only in America would people kill and risk being killed, to protect their freedoms, lives, and the lives of others. You don't see it in France on the part of pro-frenchmen, nor do you see it anywhere else. Except Afghanistan and Iraq.

Australia and Japan comes a close second, but Australia has their 2nd Ammendment problems and Japan has their peace enforced Constitution to get rid of first, before they can join the club.

In some parts, Israel is too decent. How they can take suicide bombings, and not obliterate the Arabian peninsula of all life with as many nukes as they can manufacture, steal, buy, and acquire from loans, is something that I don't really understand.

The power and the prosperity of America is backed by the ruthlessness in which we enforce and protect our privileges and rights on this earth. If it takes the obliteration of Japan through nukes, the assassination of guerrila parties via the Phoenix Program, or any number of what is known as "getting blood on your hands" projects, America has always stood ready to be the last nation standing.

It is one of the reasons why our enemies resort to terrorism. Because they all remember that there are no safe sancturies in the world, if you kill enough Americans. The 1,000 is probably the genkai limit, the critical reaction mass redline.

Terrorism usually doesn't kill more than hundreds, let alone thousands. It focuses on the terror brought about by a few isolated incidents of destruction, mayhem, and head chopping goodness.

As a proportion of Israel's population, thousands have died to suicide bombing. Yet the Israelis have been more than decent... that puzzles me. And perhaps it is the sole explanation for why the Jews are still picked on by the same enemies they have always had. Egyptians, Nazis, and people of other religions, etc.

The Palestinians, being terroists, know that Israeli isn't willing to kill all of them. This is a perfect component to their greatest and grandest propaganda project. Terroists being what they are, pick on the weakest people they can find.

And while the Jews cannot be considered militarily the "weakest" nation, they are surely one of the smallest.

The Jews are forced to fight back against terrorism, giving the propagandists reading their Nazi script in Palestine, great material to highlight the "Zionist conspiracy to take over the world". But the propagandists know the Jews are going to limit their fighting potential to skirmishes and short wars.

Even now, the Israelis do not want a tough "Right wing" leader like Benjamin Netanyahu. Why? Why, because, he is too Right Wing.

Kill the same amount of people in America, in proportion to those that have died in Israel in proportion to their population, and it would be a miracle if you could stop the American people from supporting a war of annihilation, to the death.

It's an interesting illusion, that America stands for something decent, and that this is why our enemies still live. It's an illusion, but not for the reasons the people that believe in Nazi-Pali propaganda believes. Oh no, America isn't using our full power because we fear terrorism or because somehow terrorism is fighting the good fight and preventing us from going Total Annihilation on people, it is simply that the veneer of civilization most Americans live under is something Americans keep hold of and in tact. We don't tend to imitate the tiger often, to stiffen our sinews and call up the blood. There's always the danger of becoming the tiger, but most Americans would agree that a real tiger is better than a paper one. If your intent is to kill people, that is.

Both America and Israel choose not to use their full power, simply because we don't like fighting fire with fire. But unlike Israel, Americans have shown an amazing ability to fight fire with fire, and get away with our souls in tact. An amazing regenerative ability, that I truly do not think the world wants to see in action once again.

But perhaps the Nazis in Palestine will miscalculate, perhaps HAMAS will treat the US as clones of the Jews they fight with all the time. Or perhaps they will be like Bin laden, take things a step too far, and get burned.

I am, perhaps among many, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

All this rearranging of the chess board in Palestine, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan gets tiresome. There comes a point when things will just dissolve, for better or for worse. This illusion, this fantasy, this propaganda construct of powerful yet powerless Americans cannot live forever.

Either the Zionists are bent on taking control of the world, and they don't care who they kill in the process. Or the Zionists are not taking over control of the world, and this is why they care about life and civilians.

Truly, it can be either. The propaganda would not Feel true, were there not a basic underlying truth to the matter.


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