February 20, 2006

Islamic Jihad strategic map

This unclassified Al-Qaeda Intelligence and Planning documents combined with this map of their grass roots organization centers presents a good snap shot of the Islamic Jihad's organization on a geographic scale.


I was zooming in on Israel's borders, and I noticed the wall. Then I noticed how raggedy the West Bank settlements were compared to the neat and tidy farm plots of Israel. I also noticed that Israel had a lot of forests or "green stuff", compared to the West Bank and that white strip bordering them in Egypt. That was amazing.

It really backs up the history, that Israel was given a desert and made it green with hard work. Hard work that most Americans probably understand, should not be stolen by terroists and arabs. Yet it does not change the reality.

As you can notice, Al-Qaeda and Islamic Jihad has a lot of grass roots support in the mountaneous regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. No surprise there.

The organization is also centered around European capitals, which makes sense. And the amount in the Palestine West Bank also makes sense, you need grass roots organizations to fund and produce suicide bombings. So there should be a lot of high density concentrations of supporters there.

Karachi (Pakistan): On thursday Feb. 17th, at least 50000 protesters demonstrated against the Mohammed Cartoons in a peaceful demonstration heavily controlled by Army and police.

Bhopal (India): At least 10000 protested against Muhammad cartoons on Friday Feb. 10th.

The good news is that India with far more population than Pakistan, only produced 10,000. Compared to 50,000 in Pakistan.

Iran is a weird spot, it should have all the funds but there isn't a lot of grass roots rioting. Maybe because Iran believes that there is no need, since they already control Iran, but perhaps they just don't have it organized in Iran. Can't really know. They're keeping their hards close to their chest in Iran.

Diyarbakir (Turkey): At least 50000 protesters demonstrated in this Kurdish city in Turkey near Iraqi border
That's probably a big indication that people in the Kurdish city in Turkey are NOT happy at something. Possible future problem, but infiltration by Al-Qaeda and Iran might be a little bit difficult. The price of not supporting the Kurds against TUrkey, when Turkey told us to pock off in 2003.


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