February 18, 2006

Cheney's on the Hunt

Dick Cheney game

A comment I found about blogs and liberal perspective changes.

I think the polarized atmosphere is a result of the information revolution rather than religion-based.

Maybe we are polarized because half the population continues to fully invest their trust in an out-dated, monolithic and tightly-controlled mainstream press who purposefully omit valuabe information in order to support an agenda or politician while the other half have moved into the 21st century's information revolution.

Before weblogging I was a 'liberal' who went along with the idols of information like Dan Rather then along came 9/11 and for me, the discovery of weblogging, a revolutionary means of gathering my own information. In the blackout days of the 90's I had no idea about William Buckely, Thomas Sowell, Victor Davis Hanson, David Horowitz are any other 'conservative' thinkers.
My support today of the Republican party has nothing to do with religion but everything to do with with my access to information I was previously denied.

For example, I am a 44 year od female who once supported a 'women's right to choose' but after the last five years of reading from the perspective of 'the other side' I discovered that the other side makes a better argument as to why abortion is a bad policy not only for the female but for our culture in general. Back in the 90's I do remember the phase 'dumbing down of America' which I now understand that meaning. I was one of those dumbed-down Americans who was freed by the revolution of the information age. When I was a pro-choicer I never thought about the illogical premise made by the abortionists that on the one hand 'it's just a clump of cells' then in the same breath I would hear that we females are entitled to taxpayer funded monies for pre-natal care. Now, if it's been deemed just a clump of cells why then does the females need taxpayer monies to care for just a clump of cells? There are so many other illogical and inconsistant arguments made by the liberal side that I found myself unable to support the Democrat Party.

At this point, I consider Liberalism a fraud in today's political environment because everything it has done, everything I was lead to believe it was over these past three decades turns out to be meaningless nothing used as a guise to cover those who wish to achieve socialist Marxism in America.

It could be said that Mr Reynolds (godfather of the blog) is the source and cause of polarization we are experiencing. Since he is basing his argument on religion I do hope however, he does not feel I am implying he is God or anything but I will acknowledge that he was responsible for liberating me from the deceptive culture I once lived under.

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