February 14, 2006

Palestine, Propaganda, and Players

It is always useful to get on the site information. Blogs are a great way to do that. I get my sources of information about Britain, Iraq, and now Palestine through blogs.

Palestinian Princess is someone I found commenting at Neo NeoCon's blog.

She gives a very good glimpse into the mind of a Palestinian living in Palestine.

And she is the de facto proof that guerrila operations work. It works so well the people are fooled even by imaginary threats.

The untold rule is when the soldiers enter, no one leaves there home. So ofcourse life didn't begin until they left about half an hour ago.

Makes it sound like the Jews suck all life out of their environment. Pretty daunting. It doesn't take all that much of leap to understand that the sooner they leave, the better. The sooner they disappear, the better we can live our lives free of them. And if it takes suicide bombs and head choppers, then that might be all right.

I make a note of the Jewish technique, which is the same as the American technique. The difference, I believe, is that the Jewish troops never talk to the families and children, people like Palestinian Princess. Without that human contact, without that familiarity, it is so much easier to make the Jews appear inhumane and worthy of death. This is the result.

Its amazing the first couple minutes you see the soldiers infront of your home you feel scared and anxious and after a couple minutes you can't help but feel hate and anger, but that didn't stop me from drinking my mint tea and eatting my safiyha

You have to ask yourself, anger at what? What do they hate, what does she hate? And does she think that just because what she hates cannot stop her from drinking and eating that this somehow means... everything will be all right if they just leave?

Like all victims of propaganda and human nature, they just can't help it.

Look, this is not abnormal. I'm pretty sure that what Palestinian Princess writes is the pure truth. If the Arabs and Palestinians can get a woman like her angry and hateful, what exactly are their performance records with the men and boys? Much higher, let's say, suicide bomber heights.

There is an obvious frustration here. There is no enemy other than Israeli. There is no enemy other than Israeli soldiers barging into their homes and neighborhoods. They don't see their friendly neighborhood Palestinian police toting guns and threatening their family, oh no, the Palestinians save that for Jews.

It is obvious. Israel's "surgical raids" are counter-productive. Instead of eliminating terroists, it gives terroists the propaganda they need to recruit even more terroists. Unless the re-education camps are stopped, there will always be susceptible young men and women, but real recruitment requires an incitation to rage. And seeing Israeli soldiers come into your neighborhood and act as if invincible, serves the great purpose of dehumanizing the Jews and making them into something that must be gotten rid of.

The American way of doing things is obviously superior. I wish the Israelis would shake off their prejudices and pride, and start adopting "foreign" techniques. Americans have nothing against foreign things that work, but the Jews, boy do they have a problem assimilating new things.

What is the solution then, I ask. What can prevent terroists from recruiting among the Palestinians, which are tugged between Israel and the Arab dictatorships? Where is the path of least resistance, that shall lead to a full circuit?

There are too many things that produce resistances, too many things and people and organizations that stand in the way. Human nature itself is resistant to sudden changes, if a proper foundation had been built. The foundation of Palestinian terror and Palestinian propaganda, are strong. Stronger than anything that had ever existed in the history of humanity. Stronger than Catholicism after the Hun invasion died down and Rome fell to the barbarians, stronger than Nazism and Communism combined.

How do you fight a foe that is composed of women, children, husbands, wives, and boys? How do you win?

America has fought this war once before. It was Japan, it was Saipan, it was Tarawa, the Gulf of Leyte, and such innumerable battle sites.

I do not know when American can intervene in Palestine without the israelis kicking us off. Perhaps next year, perhaps never. But I hope this is resolved before the next millenium. Because if it isn't, then nuclear annihilation is a very good possibility.

Alternative perspective.


Blogger Palestinian Princess said...

Hi, Palestinian Princess here!! I just wanted to get my opinion on somethings out. When I feel "anger & hate" it is not targeted towards Israeli's or Jews, it is targeted towards the occupation, and inturn hatred towards the government and policies to make my life miserable. I say my life because it includes my own as well as all the other Palestinians living here and abroad. Perhaps I should just make a list of all the things that personally happened to me or my family throughout my life and much more even before I was born. One thing that actually sticks out in my mind at the moment, is just about a month ago, the Palestinian police were allowed back into the city, they got things under control again, that means no hoodlums walking around outside with guns, no more stolen cars in the city, things were getting cleaned up and a somewhat order in this chaos. Ok, then the Israeli governemnt ordered them out of the city and said when we enter if we see anyone with a gun, that includes our police, that they will shoot them, ok... Now, there is never any explanation from the Israeli govt, so us civilians have to guess at why, and ofcourse its becuase they don't want us to get in control of our cities, they dont want us to be safe, they want chaos and madness among the Palestinians... When they see us improve anything they implement a policy that will break it down...

When I was like 4 years old the soldiers entered the city and then we were living in part of the old city where the soldiers entered, well, the stupid stone throwers were throwing stones, (ofcourse at this tender age I didnt know that, but I know now) so they ordered all of the men in our neighborhood to get out of the building. My dad and my brothers had to leave and my mom and my sisters we stayed in the house, I wasn't allowed to watch from the window, but I remember what happened after. I remember hearing screaming. What the soldiers did was and were ordered to do, was to break one of their arms right from the center, and they did, including the men in my family, who btw, were not stone throwers...

Now, a story that happened to me... It was during curfew, no one was allowed in the streets and I was at my aunts house about 3 homes away... I wanted to go home, I was like 13 years old. I looked to see no one was there and dashed through the streets to my house, I had done it without getting caught a couple times before, this time, I didn't see that there was a soldier at the corner, who saw and me, and ran after me. After he caught me he, had taken his gun and pushed it in my butt, and I said "F U" ok, not a smart thing to say, because the moment I said that I got hit so hard in my head, but it did work, I never went out in curfew again... The worse part was my father was crying when he saw me, since it all happened on the street, and the worse part was, my mother and father couldnt help me...

And this is just from a "normal" girl. I have more of a privledged life than a lot of people here, so imagine if you are someone from the camps or what not...imagine the stories they have to tell you....

It is sad. It is true. And I don't think my life is going to improve here....

19 February, 2006 03:43  

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