March 16, 2006


Anti-cancer technologies using nanotech is on the brink of accelerating cancer treatments, and will eventually lead to a cure for cancer.

The way I see it, cancer is treated fundamentally by killing the cancer cells through artificial means and drugs. Chemo, radiation, etc. If you can use nanoparticles to go inside and kill only the cancer cells, then the speed of treatment can be increased from several months to a few days in between. This would kill the cancer cells faster, and it would also kill malignant and metastasized cancers easier and with higher chances of saving the patient.

In the end, the goal should be to reconfigure the human DNA code in such a way that our own body can begin to recognize and kill cancer cells using our own immune system. This would effectively cure cancer, as one cancer cell will not have long to reproduce before it dies. Along with using nanoprobes to reconfigure our DNA coding, is probably anti-aging technology. Since it is the same thing, it deals with how our DNA coding in our cells degrade after millions and billions of mitosis.

Dana Reeves might have been saved had such a technology arrived a few years earlier.


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