March 21, 2006

President Bush's press conference

This was painful to watch.

One question from an attractive female ABC reporter, was, "Are you willing to sacrifice American troops to save Iraqi lives".

Here's what I think Bush should have answered with.

"Given that the ABC network has no problems with endangering our troops by embedding reporters among them, I don't know why you're asking that question"

"Given that our military obeys their oaths and honors their obligations, they are willing to sacrifice themselves for reporters that are ashamed that they are American. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for reporters that are sympathetic to the enemy, they are willing to sacrifice themselves for all of that and yet the idea of soldiers sacrificing themselves for Iraqi women and children seems to you all to be something special and outrageous. Well, let me tell you this, there are far more worthy people in this world, deserving of American protection, than United States journalists."

Then the President said, "please, don't take this as criticism". In our reality, he said that. The President is afraid to criticize the media, obviously the same isn't returned.

Bush also should have said "Iraq harbored terroists as well as the Taliban, so if you don't like war with Iraq then at least be consistent and criticize Afghanistan about. The only reason Afghanistan isn't as bad as Iraq, is because they don't have reporters in there inciting terrorism and enemy propaganda."


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