March 17, 2006

Mudville grills media on bias and biased corrections

The only good thing about our MSM media is that they aren't nearly as competent as Al-Qaeda's propaganda apparatus. But they are just as despicable and evil.


In fact, while you're at it, click for the French version, which exploits French anti-Americanism as well as anti-Semitism.

In other words, these Palestinians are panderers with no sense of shame. What they have to say depends on whom they're talking to.

The Palestinian/Saudi/Al-Qaeda 3rd tier propaganda defense would never be caught in the same situation as Dan Rather, because they know to have 10 Dan Rathers, each for a different audience, therefore making accountability impossible.

Because you can hold the media accountable because all they write is in English, the media has to distort their corrections in order to shift blame, project, and defend themselves. It is not nearly as effective as the Palestinian solution.

I have seen military campaigns between high quality, low quantity forces against high quantitative forces with low quality technology. But I have never seen in human history, a military war between those who are experts in propagada and information analysis with zero military efficacy against someone with supremacy in military efficacy and inferior to no ability in propaganda and psychological warfare.

Vietnam was probably the closest, but even the Vietnamese had a regular army to back up the Vietcong.

Here you have people who only use propaganda and psychological weapons in warfare (suicide bombs and IEDs to get media attention) vs the greatest military force in the history of the world.

And it is of a set piece. Because of American military might, the American military has not focused much on the psychological aspects of war and improving upon them because they can just bring a bigger hammer. The Islamic Jihad, because they don't have a hammer, regardless of size, has been forced to focus on psychological warfare to replace all other assets.

I cannot recall any analogous scenario in human military history, where all or 95% of the psychological warfare assets were in enemy hands and 99% of the military power was in the ally's hands.

Maybe we need to resurrect Napoleon and get him to tell us how to solve his 3 to 1 ratio.

Because we all know that in the end, it is psychology that wins wars, not the simple expedient of killing enough of the enemy to make them stop. They will never stop if they believe they will win, and we cannot make them stop believing it without a psychological campaign of disinformation of our own.

I hope Bush either gets this, or we get someone who does in charge.


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