April 15, 2006

Comedy Central's reason for censoring South Park Episode

This is indicative of a few points.

1, the Democrats in the media and entertainment business talk the talk but can't walk the walk.

2, they can't walk the walk because they disarmed themselves and their appratchiks several years ago, and seek in disarming everybody in this country. Except their bodyguards, which may or may not work against Islamic rioters, best to be safe I suppose.

3, The progressives in the media and Hollywood is obviously "progressing" towards Serfdom, but unfortunately for them, we're not going out like the Jews did under Vichy France. You're not selling us out to save your skins, Comedy Central.

4, 2nd Ammendment has been shown repeatedly with recent events concerning Kartoonistan, that it and only it is the guaranteer of free speech and liberty. There is no "theory" or "talk" that can guarantee people's safety when they speak out, and the 1st Ammendment does not guarantee a person's safety at all. The fake liberals are seeing that personally for themselves. As are we, in noticing the difference between the true strength of the American heartland vs the weak metrosexual psyches of Comedy Central and the legacy media.

It is literally not sustainable whenever I hear the media say that they are "reporting the facts and the story". They're not, everyone knows it except the reporters and the editors.

They are a bunch of hypocrites, and unlike politicians, you can't get rid of them short of physical intimidation and assassination. Which, the Islamics, have figured out.


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