April 03, 2006

HIstory Channel - The Rise of the Nazi Occult

I was watching the early rise of Hitler on the History Channel (Decoding History) and I got two lessons from it. Or maybe a couple of more.

First, Hitler was convicted of treason for trying to bring down the government. He was in jail, he was not executed. That is the lesson, without the death penalty, you will always get internal violence and uprisings that kill many more than simple executions would. This is true of terrorism, as it was true of Nazism.

The symbol of Nazism, the swastika, was meticulously designed by Hitler. Hitler's oratation was taught to him by a stage magician in the NAZI party. This second point, the powerful psychological impact of Nazism, is best witnessed by your own eyes. A march with candlelight was held after Hitler was chosen as Chancellor.

It was quite amazing, like one of those anti-war protests except at night. Everyone held a torch. They moved in marching columns, and if you saw it from a balcony, the lights would form a perfect Swastika. A glowing remembrance of the glory of the Aryan Race.

Everyone in the crowd was together, they were unified, they were in the circle dance Neo spoke about. Everyone was doing the same thing, feeling the same thing, and thinking the same thing. It was an intoxicating mixture, even for a young 15 year old Jewish boy that snuck out to join the march.

Hitler also got young German children and brainwashed them. The "Hitler Youth". They were filled with visions of glory, of the Aryan Race. This was based upon the fact that the Aryans were superior giants, but the Jews mated with them and brought them down in size because the Jews were ape men. Disgusting pictures of the Jews were seen in Nazi propaganda in the early days. It is no different than the indoctrination in American schools, that seek to paint the United States and white men as the source of all evil in the world. The difference? One of competence. Hitler and his occult Nazis were far more competent, than the socialists in the United States. Liberty tends to have that effect. Real liberty, not the fake liberty of parliamentary systems that chose a Chancellor when his party didn't have the majority of electoral votes.

Heinrich Himmler and such followers of Hitler, were really true believers in this.

THe SS even had an archeological unit, that went around Europe and even to Tibet, to try and find ancient Aryan remains. They were searching for the Master Race, so fervent was their belief.

If you think this sounds familiar to Islamic Jihad, you would be correct. Belief is a powerful weapon, it is far mroe powerful than the most powerful of nuclear weapons. The Islamics understand this. Belief is their weapon, nuclear weapons is ours. We are losing because we refuse to use our strengths against their weaknesses, while they do not refuse to use their strengths against our weaknesses. In trying to learn how to fight the war the Jihad way, it is taking a lot longer, and many more lives are being lost.

The same mistakes that was made during the rise of Nazism is being made now. Terroist leaders are not executed, they are jailed and given a powerful propaganda platform like Hitler was given. They will eventually be free, and then they will acquire even more power and resources. Such is the folly of mankind.

All these moments and points of knowledge was shown in the program without any relation to Current Affairs. But it need not have, looked at in a purely objective way, the connections are quite clear.

Hitler was a charismatic leader. With powerful body gestures that people could see in a crowd. Rudolf Hiss was Deputy Fuerher and it is interesting he isn't mentioned much. Many people who use Hitler was a prop for their own propaganda purposes, such as calling the unity after 9/11 a Hitlerite technique used by Bush, do not know a single scintilla of the Real Hitler.


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