March 25, 2006

Dog heirarchies and Afghanistan social heirarchies

The only strength is fanatical adherence to Mohammad’s early medieval, post-pagan, desert nomad pronouncements.

The other strength is called a fission chain reaction.

Except we don't use that strength of ours, therefore it doesn't make us strong. I noted before that the ultimate weapon of mass destruction aren't nuclear devices, but actually propaganda and psychological projects.

It has to do with the genkai, as the Japanese term it. All attacks have a limit, a rate of fire if you will. Stronger attacks have a slower rate of fire, while weaker ones have a higher rate of fire. A missile launch can shoot one missile, and then has to be reloaded or discarded. A 30mm gatling gun, however, can fire many lesser damaging projectiles at a much higher rate.

This belief in the limit, has pervaded Japanese society. It is probably the single reason why Japan didnd't surrender after they received one nuclear device on their soil. They believed that such a powerful weapon could not be used all that often. That belief was shattered by the second. Now they were right in the sense that we only had 2 bombs, and that it takes time to make these WMDs because of their destructive potential, getting hit with a chain combo of nukes when you expected that such a powerful attack would come rarely, is a deep psychological wound.

Propaganda, has a much higher limit. It can be used over and over. And at higher echelons, like Hitler's, propaganda kills more people in the end than nukes ever have. Simply because you have such a high limit to the use to which propaganda can be used for, while you have such a low limit for how nuclear weapons may be used.

The solution, thus, is either to increase our use of propaganda or to increase the limits imposed upon our weapons of mass destruction. If the goal is to get people to stop fighting, many solutions are available. If the goal is just to get rid of people, then go see this link.


One of the things I found fascinating was the Japanese Special Attack Forces. It takes a lot of real multicultural ability to understand such an alien culture as Japan, back in the WWII days. But we did it.


The interesting part is that you don't need to use canine pact dynamics to explain this phenomenon. Basic human behaviors are quite satisfactory.


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