March 22, 2006

Terroists captured while storming a station

Sad news. Why? Read on.

Four police were killed, including the commander of the special unit, and five were wounded, al-Mohammadawi said. None of the attackers died, and among the captives was a Syrian.

Fighting an attrition war, is itself a bad idea. Fighting an attrition war and losing, is even more lethally stupid.

Here we lost the commander of a Special Police unit, and we didn't even execute the terroists. What the hell is CENTCOM doing. They need to get their asses out of their heads, and understand that in a guerilla war information is PARAMOUNT. Having the enemy surrender may look good on your war record, but this isn't a conventional war, so stop fighting as if it is.

Some may argue that if terroists surrender, then we will get good information out of them. Hello?! People, where have you been? The locations of weapons caches and other important information are coming from IRAQI CIVILIANS, who sure as pock will not keep risking their lives as the contingent of terroists that you are eventually going to release, grows, grows, grows, and grows.

On Tuesday, about 100 masked gunmen stormed a jail in Muqdadiyah near the Iranian border and freed more than 30 prisoners, most of them fellow insurgents.

If you executed those motherpockers in the first place like I recommended, there would be no one to "rescue". And no Iraqi ally would have died because some military general brass wanted to "capture the enemy" according to some dumb military book of war.

Another way to look at it is that the US military likes being ordered around by civilians. The military would feel uncomfortable executing people they catch on the battlefield, because they see that as a "policy decision". So they bump it up to the civilians. American civilians, then bump it to the Iraqi leaders, which are weak, corrupt, stupid, ignorant, infiltrated, and don't have the institutions or the political will to execute the terroists. They have just started executions, and there were only 13 of them. That is not NEARLY enough. Keep this up and we'll be another Israel, forever fighting the terroists that are released from jails.

LT Colonel Kurilla, as seen from Michael Yon's site, has already witnessed terroists he caught, return and kill more American soldiers under his command. He was SHOT by one of those catch and released terroists, he should know.

More to the point, by releasing terroists and criminals from Abu Ghraib as a "good will gesture", the people of Mosul no longer are willing to cooperate with us and risk their lives. Because now they have realized that America is a paper tiger, that we are weak, that the strong horse and the winning side is with the ruthless terroists. Why should they join us when the terroists will kill their families for helping America? What do they get if they help Americans, more catch and release criminals released in their neighborhoods to kill their people? Bullshit.

Police continued to find corpses in the shadowy war between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Three bodies, blindfolded and bearing signs of torture, were found in a western Baghdad neighborhood just after midnight, and the body of a young man shot in the chest was discovered in Musayyib, about 40 miles south of the capital, police said.

The body of a man in an Iraqi military uniform who had been killed outside Madain was also taken to a morgue in the southern city of Kut, an official said.

Back in the capital, roadside bombs targeting police patrols wounded at least six officers - including four who work as guards at the Education Ministry - and two other policemen and a passer-by were wounded in a drive-by shooting, police said.

The American people and the Iraqi people DESERVE their share of bodybags for the sacrifices we and the Iraqi people have made. CENTCOM and the President better get that through their thick skulls before the war is lost.

I support the war, as is obvious. It is not that I dislike people for criticizing the war effort. Rather, I dislike people for criticizing the war effort because they are a god dug distraction from the real improvements that can be made.

Their criticisms are nothing but the farthest flung arm of the enemy's propaganda apparatus. There are enough problems without having to deal with agent provocateurs.

The insurgency's strength, spiraling sectarian violence and the continuing stalemate over forming a government in Iraq have led politicians and foreign policy experts to say Iraq was on the brink or perhaps in the midst of civil war.

An increasing number of Americans are calling for a pullout of U.S. forces regardless of the consequences for Iraq, but most mainstream Iraqi politicians do not want the troops to leave until the insurgency is defeated. Some more radical leaders, like firebrand Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, demand an immediate pullout.

Speaking of agent provocateurs...

Gotta love the AP, the English version of Al-Qaeda's propaganda arm.


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