May 18, 2006

The Indian Sub-Continent - Or they got Marxists too?

To deny that the relationship between India and the United States has been transformed from the cold war suspicion to strategic partnership where the two have deepening mutual interests, as the Marxists do, may be in line with their ideology. But a little analysis would throw up the fact that for the Marxists to retain their power base in West Bengal, the vote bank politics with Muslim fundamentalism has become important. So much so the CPM bosses have turned against their own Chief Minister when Buddhadeb Bhattacharya criticized the madrasas and expressed concern at infiltration from Bangladesh especially in the border districts of his state. Sometime back, he was even forced to eat his own words on the need to reform the syllabus in the madrasas and on their proliferation and funding.

The Left has been successful in creating an environment in this country for several decades now in which anyone who exposes their double talk or finds some virtue in American policies is dubbed a “reactionary” or a “CIA agent” or worse. This hypocrisy prompted the late Piloo Modi, the Swatantra party leader, to come to Parliament wearing a badge that “I am a CIA agent” needling the Left and some Congressmen with their own barbs. But those were days when the Left would refuse to believe that the people in the Soviet Union were resenting an oppressive regime. The overthrow of Communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union through popular uprising ought to have given the Left a lesson. But even now they refuse to read the writing on the Berlin Wall as people clawed into it and brought it down.

The Left would have you believe that America's beef should be localized on Osama only, not a War on Global Terror, not a war on any global scale. This shows you the lie of the Left, it is global, precisely because Marxism, Socialism, and the Left are global. transnational as den beste termed it. It transcends nations, just as jihadism transcends nations.

I suggest you read it all, SB and others.

India eviscerates the Left

It was funny though, I actually came across this in my research on "Indian execution techniques" but I couldn't find anything on google about staking. But I did on crucifixion, ain't that funny. All the things it showed up was about American Indians, or Native Indians, or whatever. India doesn't seem to be very um... popular to the anglo-saxon world.

Not a very good resume for the Left's "diplomatic, international, UN based" initiatives, now is it.


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