June 10, 2006

Snow pulled some strings

O'Reilly is being given exclusive access to GitMo. Looks like Snow made good on his promise to give more access to reporters. He must have lobbied the President, that it would be a good idea to let specific reporters to showcase GitMo, to counter enemy propaganda. It is after all, one of my original plans in countering and manipulating the media.

If you give exclusives to those reporters that will do a good job, then the reporters will discipline themselves so that you don't have to yell them down. Incentives and decentives, as they say. Anyone can be bought, but in this case, reporters are being bought by access and exclusives. Which is how it always has been done, it just so happens that all the peopel buying the media were the dicators and anti-Americans like Saddam.

CNN was willing to censure themselves to retain exclusive access to Saddam, that should tell you how to properly manipulate the media.


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