July 03, 2006

My take on Hadjii Girl

Now that it has blown over, and the video still has been pulled off youtube, here's my interpretation of the lyrics and the obvious hilarity it produced judging by the random swaying of the camera operator.

I think it's simple. The one thing that the Marines cannot and will not do is use human shields, especially a young girl. But that does not mean they don't recognize a simple fact, that people use human shields because it works. Therefore the idea of turning the terroist's own tactics upon them, using one of their own family members as a human shield, has its own flavor and irony. These Marine warriors and soldiers are not Hollywood policemen, they don't put a point into the bad guy while he is on the ground and say "no, it ain't worth it, I'm not gonna kill you". Then... the policeman turns his back, the criminal on the ground draws a gun, and this gives the fake liberals the "excuse" of pocking the criminal into an early grave with a fast draw. Marines are not passive aggressive, if they don't like something, they'll do something about it. Something violent. Humour is a good way to relieve some of that frustration, when they CAN'T DO ANYTHING. If they can't use human shields in reality, then they are going to relieve the stress by fantasizing about it. A woman can fantasize being tied up and taken by force, but that don't mean the woman actually wants to be brutally raped. The Islamic JIhad can't tell reality from fantasy, their fantasy of pocking virgin women via violence is their reality, far as I can see. It just takes dieing, or maybe not even that.

Michele Malkin in the title link gives you the full video with sub titles as well as her own interpretation of things.


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