July 01, 2006

The So Called Moral High Ground - The Life of Decadence and Decay

So far the people who are for the recent NYTimes leak and the SC judgement are people who basically front this argument.

"America must have the moral high ground, or else we will lose the war for the hearts and minds of the world"

Which is contrasted with what conservatives argue, "America must be kept safe, otherwise it doesn't matter who has the moral high ground if we are dead"

Conservatives don't phrase it like I have, but that is exactly what they mean. They value lives over morality, pragmatism over idealism. How very... conservative. Fake liberals and liberals, value legal laws and precedence, over any pragmatic concerns. Or at least they say they value legal laws and precendence, but I don't hear them attack the KELO Decision as hard as they are now defending the NYTimes.

Another argument I heard from the market liberals on Fox News Forbes show, was that Bush already was talking about this program of bank spying and therefore the NYTimes didn't print anything that was new, and therefore it wasn't a leak. What kind of pocking idiotic maroon with no logic skills do they take people like me for being? It wasn't news so the NYTimes put it on the front page? Stop with the bs, please. I could out argue any of those market liberals on politics, their specialty is marketing and stocks, not war and not propaganda. But, this also gives us a honest view into fake liberal grassroots perspectives, rather than the talking poitns that a DNC talking head might say.

It helps to know the true nature of the enemy.

My response to the Bush outed it first argument, is this. The fake liberals are basically saying that the NYTimes is shilling for the Bush Administration by publishing something that Bush was "bragging" about. Their defense of the NYTImes harming national security, is saying (and they don't realize this) that the NYTimes didn't print anything new they just regurgitated what Bush said and made it PUBLIC. So they're shilling or Bush, Bush paid them off, the NYTimes is in the pocket of the Republicans. What kind of pocking idiotic argument is that, honestly? It's like they never took Logic 101.(they probably didn't)

Let's go on with the "winning hearts and minds therefore we must be pure as a virgin" argument. I'd say a woman with experience before marriage makes for an easier wedding night. What say the Democrats? Democrats say that virginity is purity, one must not take on damaged goods. Not so pleasant, now is it when you translate the Democrat talking points? The same rubbish "purity" and "traditional values" that the Demcorats frown on, is nothing less than an alternative version of the Democrats' own Puritan ideology.

So what's the damn problem? The problem is, the Islamic Fundamentals also value purity. Except they are willing to kill you if they believed you sullied yourself with an "affair" with someone other than your husband. In a tug of war between Democrats who are not willing to kill anyone other than Republicans and racists (which are not Islamic Jihadists btw), and Islamic Jihad who will kill anyone, who do you believe will win the hearts and minds of the world? You don't need me to remind you of the Cartoon Jihad.

So, a lot of us have a dog in the fight, the fight on terrorism. Which dog are you going to bet on, the Democrats or the Islamic JIhad when it comes to a fight to the death? You have this puffy little primped up chihuana vs a bull dog scarred by a hundred battles.

Translated into human terms, you have a hippy wannabe 120 pound "man" vs a 250 pound Special Forces Master Sergeant, specialization Weapons. Who you going to bet on in a deathmatch? I know who I'm going to bet my money on. Who are you going to bet your LIFE on? The Democrats? Moral purity? Who's putting who on a pedestal now, it is not the MEN putting WOMEN into gilded cages because of male chauvinism now is it, it is Democrats putting the United States into a cage and then leaving us to rot in there while they go around capping and shagging to their hearts delight at Los Vegas and Hollywood.

Moral Purity, the Moral High Ground, "truth and justice". My god, these are the same people who support the Democratic policy platform, what exists of it! I'm not taking my freaking ethics requirements from the Democrats, the fake liberals, OR the hibbies. I'd sooner trust an Electrical Engineer who can't solve matrixes, then trust the Democrats to "make me morally pure".

It is perverted, and I mean it in the sense of Afghanistanis, Saudis, and Egyptians raping women to "restore the honor lost" by the women. It is perverted, they have perverted Truth, Justice, and the American Way into Suicide, Stupidity, and the JIhad Way.

The liberal comrades that seek to distinguish themselves from the fake liberals, should give a whiff of this.

Go look at Muslim strategy as well.

True liberals, not just idiots jacking off to the tune of the rhetoric and protest signs, care about fighting real tyranny. They are idealistic, but they can't afford to ignore pragmatism, not at the cost in human suffering they see. The fake liberals? They don't give a damn, so the cost in human suffering derived from ignoring pragmatic realistic concerns like Islamic Jihad, does not phase them in the least. They don't see it, therefore it does not exist. That is their nature, and it is the tool by which we may destroy them. And it is also the tool by which Islamic Jihad uses to destroy all of us as well.

What do I believe is the right way to "win the hearts and minds" of the population? Read this previous post of mine to know. Navy vs Army the War of Wills

Read this as well, in which I tried to channel historical foundations and the Founding Fathers. I explained why I believed that buddying up to the UN wasn't winning us much favor amongst the world.

Polygamy is also another one of those Islamic Jiha problems.


Though there would be other short breaks in the ability to decipher the Naval Enigma, by now the worst of the U-boat threat was over. None of the interruptions lasted for long. One such difficulty was resolved on June 4th, 1944, when the USS Pittsburg captured and boarded the U-505, taking her code books. Unlike some previous occasions, the U-boat crew were aware of the failure to destroy Enigma material, and as a result they were denied access to the International Red cross, or any contact with their families. Kept in isolation in the US, they were not released until 1947. Ironically the commander of the Us naval task group involved was almost court-martialled by Admiral Ernest King, who feared, groundlessly as it proved, that the failure to sink the U-505 might have alerted the Germans to the breaking of Enigma on the eve of D-Day.

From my Enigma research. Another reason why you shouldn't believe that America will fall down from the fake liberal pedestal if we deny Geneva Convention rights to people. We did it before, and we're still here, better than ever.


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