June 24, 2006

Comment to Black Five

Reporters talking about being blooded, reminds me of the days when "journalists" sometimes had more "combat zone experience" than the dough boys at the war front.

Esprit de Corps. Can't have that without an enemy to fight. Iraq will become different than pacifistic and useless Germany (a waste of Prussian military discipline in my opinion) and wacky Japan ( a waste of Bushiddo code and Japanese philosophy that North Korea and China might recoup for us).

For them, their peace will not be handed to them on the hands of AMerican conquerors because they surrendered to us (obviously they didn't). There is a benefit in defeating an enemy and not breaking their spirit, instead using that fight in them to ascend your own interests. Japan's and Germany's spirit was broken, and therefore they were never a military threat, to anyone, afterwards. Iraq will be different, and so will Afghanistan. Theirs is not a defensive occupation at the end of a war. But an offensive shock troops training center for the start of the first war in the 21st century, which will last a rather long period of time in human affairs. Just when people thought the coming millenium heralded the end of time, we see that God is not yet done with the human race.

The supremacy of the American military was never ordained by God. Back when old Washington was training a bunch of slacking off undisciplined layabouts in his Revolutionary War (against the British that he once fought with before), a Prussian dude came over to train the American guerrila army, either regular or irregular. Washington even had to deal with the "I only signed up for 1 year" deal. Oh, what he would have given for stop loss.

If Washington could get a bunch of individual unmilitary people to win any battle with the help of a Prussian trainer, I'm pretty sure the United States that sprung from his initial ancestral actions can train up the Iraqis to the best force in the Mid East. And it is proof that if you give a nation superior military training, discipline, and virtues through the Band of Brothers bond, then that nation will in the end repay the nation of Prussia far in excess of the initial investment. It was not the US's fault Germany chose not to ally with us in WWI, their loss. Don't give up on those you trained from the cradle, they might just become the teacher.

It is amusing the ignorance of the Left when they talk about America, an America that they fabricated whole cloth rather than sourced from the reality. "Americans don't run from the enemy". Oh, ya we do. Humans are humans, and Americans are not the uber-menschen that the Left would like to make us.

The most impressive thing about this Iraqi unit is that they are running their outfit themselves (as opposed to the US running their unit).

What was funny is that John Ringo suggested in 2001 that you get a bunch of Afghanistan sepoys that were lead by American NCOs and officers, sorta like the Gurkhas (as a way to lessen the CNN casualty sensitivty of Americans). Obviously a similar situation was attempted in Iraq, yet because of the Regular Army Way that was implemented, it didn't get off on a good start. Now we've somehow leap frogged (shunpo) John Ringo's initial recommendations, to the Iraqis running their own stuff without ever actually going into the phase of leading them ourselves via American NCOs and officers, except by example.

Unfortunately, the US did not take Iraqi troop training seriously in the first two years of the war, and we are playing catch up now.

What was that saying I heard? There's the right way, there is the wrong way, and then there is the Army Way?


Blogger neoneoconned said...

i know i have said this before but if you are so keen on the military why don't you join instead of being so brave with other people's lives? I might take you more seriously if you did this.

24 June, 2006 14:03  
Blogger Ymarsakar said...

Sorry, don't care.

24 June, 2006 14:08  

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