June 23, 2006

Books that teach Occupation and Insurgency

I can't say that I read non-fictional work to learn about insurgencies, because I focus mostly on fictional stories about human beings. And if human beings have to deal with occupation and insurgency, then I'd learn something as well as enjoy the book. Besides, it being free is also a point in favor. I can better understand something when it is applied by humans and to humans, then discussed as part of a theory.

Freehold, which is thematically based upon Farnham's Freehold but set in a modern futureques setting with UN corruption and all, etc.

Contrast all these books, after you read them, with this technical treatise on insurgencies and there is a mighty big difference in perspectives.

The Course of Empire

What I find most enlightening is that it portrays the human dynamic so well. Technical is technical, it is always true. But humans are a lot more variations than the physical rules of the universe might reliably predict.

How far should occupations go in suppressing rebellions? How far should insurgents go towards resisting? These are the questions the fictional novels listed here tackle.

These fictional events, can be compared to the events in Ireland, the IRA for example.

Crusade by David Weber is also a good, although minor, contribution to the insurgency vs occupation theme. However, it makes up for that by focusing extremely well on the moral and ethical dilemma of those who fight in insurgencies and those who fight on the side of the occupation forces.

You can download these ebooks in various formats, for free, and read them.

Here is what I found on the IRA problems in Ireland. You're welcome to peruse them for more information about real life insurgencies. Reading books don't provide instant enlightenment, nor are they a quick fix for ignorance, however books do provide you with the mental context that allows you then to use those mental tools to understand what is really going on.


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