June 16, 2006

This is Disinformation

Bush has the power to do this by 5 X 10 to the power 2. Such is the power of propaganda and predictive behavior on the Democrats side.


Didn't have time to elaborate, so this is what I mean by Disinformation.

I recommended on Bookworm's site that Bush should use disinformation in order to bait the media and the Democrats into a trap, and then crush them when they take the bait. I remarked that the media were guillible, very very guillible. They believe Palestinian propaganda (like the beach incident) as if it was true. I would have more respect for them if they purposefully supported the stories of Palestinians because they knew it was false, but that is not what the world media is doing.

The link about the Democrats snapping the bait that Iraq would give asylum to those who killed Americans, is a good example of how Democrats can be baited into ambushes and traps so easily that it is gross negligence on Bush's part that he refuses to engage in deception and propaganda operations. Unlike other Republicans or conservatives or neo-conservatives, I don't just say that Bush has failed in the propaganda and media war, I actually tell you what he should be doing.


Blogger neoneoconned said...

this doesnt make any sense!

16 June, 2006 12:09  

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