June 14, 2006

The difference between conservatives and liberals

Comment to Mary and another commenter at nncon's blog.

At 1:41 PM, June 14, 2006, Ymarsakar said...

LOL. Are you a fan of Deadwood?

Cooked up that one myself after reading about how the Muslims treat pig flesh as if they are eating human flesh. Then combined with the support of blackfive's commentators responding to Z Man's tortuous last 59 minutes, I combined human flesh and pig flesh to give the terroists a gourmet meal worthy of Guantanamo inmates. It's better than bat guana, at least.

If so, it still doesn't seem accurate to me, since many posts are provocative, yet those accused of "trolling" are only those with contrary views. Can I get a clarification?

Trolls, as best as I take it, means people engaging in sabotage and agent provocateur actions. As part of asymmetrical warfare, it seeks to demoralize and fatigue enemies rather than confronting them man on man, square on square, with symmetry. The objective is to maniplate, deceive, twist, distort, riposte, block, parry, and deflect attacks of the enemy, by going into enemy territory harass and raid their supply lines. To apply the military analogy. Thus Confud and Conned sees interest and value in going itno what they perceive as enemy nests, in order to infiltrate and accomplish objectives for The Cause.

Psychologically, people become upset, annoyed, defensive, fatigued, tired, and angry when faced by opposing and mutually exclusive views, perspectives, and beliefs. Thus, the motivation for Confud and Conned to stay here at neo-neocon, reading and writing and reading and writing, must be greater than the natural human psychological detriments would allow.

Republicans cannot read the New York Times or Daily Kos or Atrios 24/7, they would become too tired, upset, and fatigued. So what energizes Confud and Conned, except the true belief that they are here for fun, games, and productive exercises? A person can be frustrated, but if he loves his job and his family, he will keep trucking on. Confud obviously loves the Palestinians, therefore he takes pains to fight neo-cons here, since it is his perception that neo-cons are out to destroy Palestine, in league with the Jewish state.

You cannot truly understand what people mean by troll, until you understand humans and one way to understand humans is to study warfare, which is the art of how to defeat human beings. By learning how to defeat an opponent, you learn his weaknesses, his beliefs, and his strengths. Thus warfare and psychological warfare applies in many respects, to common day human activities. Anything inherently basic can be reduced down to human fundamentals, even the accussation of troll. Because most people only understand their personals beliefs in an intuitive manner, they are unable to explain through descriptions and analysis. Thus, they use a simple agreed upon term, that is troll, acquiring meanings (both denotative and connotative) that is beyond what you cna find in the dictionary. In essence, words mean what the speaker knows it will be interpreted as, as well as how the speaker interprets it himself. Therefore people use the same word, troll, but they don't mean the exact same thing, thus a dictionary is no help.

A classic fundamental extrapolation of troll behavior, is when the woman guilt trips the man, through manipulation, into doing what the woman wants and which is detrimental to the man's interests. And yet the man does the woman's bidding, because the woman holds the morale high ground and the man feels guilty for his lack of standing and seeks to redeem himself through sacrifice. Deception, manipulation, or lies of omission are not possible without telling the truth. Thus people misunderstand the very fundamental potential of manipulation, the ones they use and the ones used on them. Troll phenomenon as termed on the blogosphere, is only one trick out of the grab bags of guerrila warfare, psychological warfare, and propaganda warfare. And on the scale of human affairs, it is quite a spec amongst the stars.


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