June 12, 2006

Song of Life and Death, Creation and Destruction

All decadent civilizations have fallen to the barbarians, for the leaders of men thought themselves truly superior and self-evolved beyond the need for crude defensive measures against low browed neanderthals.

The age old test of might and right, still exists. To test the beliefs of socialists and Leftists (reach far enough left and you hit the right, it is global) requires that you engage in a simple war to the death with them, belief against belief, will against will. In the end, the stronger belief triumphs, for humanity cannot shed the mantle of our legacy from mother nature. For to fight for what we value is our destiny. And while not everyone that wins is right, everyone that loses is most definitely wrong. A fundamental flaw that does not entitle them to survival nor immortality in the coils of the human condition.

There is a life and a vibrancy amongst the barbarians, the head choppers, the Islamic jihadists, that is not present in the decadent Western systems of beliefs. Which include, amongst other beliefs, Right to Die, Right to Parasitism, and Right to Forever Non-violent Peace.

There is a cellular wall, however, preventing the loss of water and vitality from civilization. He who cannot maintain the life force strength of the cellular wall, will find that the cell itself will be leached of its life giving waters and will shrink into age and decrepit death. Osmosis, balance, water. The wall of militia and military men and women keep the barbarians at bay, preserving the life blood of civilization in all the cells that it exists in human existence. The barbarians will make new enclaves of civilization, but in the meantime the wound grows poisoned and infected, and much time will be required to regenerate the cellular damage.

I've confronted people on the internet, people who are from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, who literally do not understand why a person would need a weapon for self-defense. They believe that they have no need of such things in their country, even when they have been assaulted twice, so therefore the American perspective and obsession with guns is a false arrogance we present to the world in lieu of true civilization, confidence, peace, or prosperity.

They see not, for they are not. They are weak, for they do not choose to be strong. In their knowledge, lies ignorance and despair, and in their despair, lies the path for the death and regeneration of all that is in our life and all that ever will be. For no human being can set down the weapons of war, and declare that he has self-evolved beyond the need for violence and devastation. When the Declaration said all men are created equal, it is not a provisionary device to force government to use force to guarantee that provision. No, it is simply a statement of fact. The right to life must be guaranteed and paid for by the blood of patriots and the vigilance of freed men, but men being created equal is something the human race has no choice about.

We are all created equal for no one is born with the divine spark of divinity, able to transcend human limitations on a permanent and legendary basis. Temporarily, may we touch the realm of the divine and breach past the chains of humanity, to forge an unshackled entity.

Animals are defined by the limits nature set in stone, humanity is defined not only by the limits of nature but by our willpower as well. In this case, things being as they will, humans will compete to be the best for a long time to come. Competition might include teamwork, competition might include pre-forged rules, but competition will never be what the pacifists, the socialists, and people like Probligo and BMC envisions.

The human condition is not something that we can purify violence out of, it is not something that we can purify death, suffering, despair, or joy out of either, and neither should we try. Perfection is a goal for God like beings of infinite and finite divinities, the fate of limitless chainings is not the fate and destiny of humanity. Ours is a slower, surer, path. It does not guarantee instant salvation, it does not guarantee instant welfare and solutions to the plight of humans and animals alike. And surely, it does not guarantee that if you lay down your arms, weapons, and will to fight, that the barbarians will accept you as brothers forever more to feast all day and party all night with. I will prepare myself for all eventualities, for I am not a god as the Leftist fake liberals fancy themselves, I do not know whence peace might fail and war become fiery born in the hearts of men.

The Islamic JIhadists believe themselves Chosen, but their power curvature is no more potentially stronger than my own. If I eat the fruits of ambrosia, then power would be mine, and if I was starved of the nutrition of the heart then I will be weak. The Islamic Jihadists are just as vulnerable as I am, and thus lies the path to whatever victory you might imagine. The first step, however, must be an acceptance that every human being is vulnerable to the same things as every other human being. Without that recognition, we will have people from New Zealand coming in and telling us the Americans that we are too arrogant to give up our guns, because there is no need.

The Socialists and Leftist fake liberals have no need of weapons in self-defense, for they are prey with no knowledge or recognition of their own vulnerability nor that of others, a resource the barbarians will ravage while they travel the countryside to besiege the shining pearl pristine cities of human civilization.


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