June 11, 2006

O'Reilly - The Saboteur and Assassin

Pat says some stuff about the suicides at GitMo. I have 3 recommendations, and I mentioned some of it at Pat's comments section. Stop feeding the GitMo slugs when that food can be better put to use to feeding hogs, US soldiers, and starving Iraqis.

2nd, make official policy that we will "assist" with anyone that wants to choose suicide. Assisted suicide.

3rd, the ultimate goal is then, assisted involuntary suicide.

Once you get to stage 3, GitMo won't be a problem anymore and the Left will have their wish, GitMo will be closed. Since after all, there's no one there anymore, that is alive that is.

O'Reilly went to GitMo on Friday/Saturday and soon after, 3 jihadists suicided. Coincidence?


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