June 11, 2006

Collection of conservatives held captive in enemy territory

At 4:51 PM, June 03, 2006, knoxgirl said...


I work with people who are quite conservative and people who are quite liberal. It's a small company and it's pretty obvious who thinks what. The conservatives avoid politics and remain silent when the subject comes up.

The liberals have said, at times: Bush will use bird flu to declare martial law and take over the country; he'll let the poor people die; Americans don't care about helping other countries (this, only a few months after the tsunami) Bush purposely let people die in Hurricane Katrina; Bush is a brilliant mastermind of evil, and as dumb as a dog; started the Iraq war for money, oil, racism, to establish another "colony"; Bush wants to destro the planet; Bush hates Mexicans (!?); conservatives are evil; Bush and the republicans only care about money (this from our accountant who is famously stingy!)... this, I promise you, is only the tip of the iceberg.

I have found that you cannot say even one moderate, mild statement without immediate backlash. And I will fully admit that these are otherwise thoughtful, consciencious, likeable people who I (mostly) love working with. One of them is particularly measured, diplomatic, and very reticent to be critical of others or to be judgmental. I think very highly of him on all non-political fronts... But let someone betray even a hint of--not even conservative!--non-leftist opinion and there is instant, barking invective.

I too would have at one time thought that stories like that of DBrooks were exaggerations or made up. Not anymore.

It will never cease to baffle me and I have friends that I have chosen to distance myself from because they cannot leave politics alone. So sad, because I am more than willing to close the subject.

Anyway, not sure what the point of this was, but to sympathise with others out there with the same experience.


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