June 12, 2006

Convincing the Left - Not Easy

Well, ray, this is the psychology of the Left. Having spend a lot of time on neo-neocon's site bunking up on the psycho craziness, I think I have some few sparse insights to share.

The thing with legality is a cultural thing. Fake liberals believe, culturally, that superior people should treat inferior people as inferiors. Unilateral behavior. No agreement by the inferiors, no say, no "uppityness" in other words. Jacksonian Americans have a different cultural thing. Jacksonians treat people that are honorable, with honor. They treat those without honor, like child rapists, without honor. Which means we can hang the child rapists and that is perfectly good for us, but we won't hang say "a guy who robbed a lady and then redeemed himself".

So keep in mind "unilateral" vs Jacksonian belief. The Jacksonians believe if people want to be treated well, they should return that favor. Respect given is respect received. Ivy League fake liberals believe that you treat poor people because they are poor, not because of how the poor behave or whether the poor is doing the right things to the rich. The Left unilaterally decides, YOU MUST DISARM, because you are strong, and everyone else is weak.

Jacksonians say to the Russians, "we'll disarm when you disarm first". So Geneva Conventions. They believe we should treat terroists via Geneva, and not because the terroists treat their prisoners via Geneva. No, to the Left, we should use Geneva cause that makes us 'morally superior' like the guy with a lot of money saying he knows how to take care of the poor. Morally superior.

Jacksonians believe that terroists who blow up women and children should not be treated like they are some kind of soldier acting with honor and compassion, hence we don't treat terroists with honor or compassion. Except Bush is a compassionate conservative, so Bush gives terroists geneva convent protections. Which is disgusting and a really bad policy, but Bush don't listen to critics, as we kept telling the Left while they were wasting their breath with anti-Bush propaganda.

Ray will have little chance to convince the 50% true believer that his beliefs are wrong. That is like trying to convince a mother that they don't really really love their children. The strength of belief in fake liberal ideology isn't as strong as a mother's love of course, but it is analogous to the difficulty of changing their beliefs.


Anonymous zhombre@hotmail.com said...

Yman, I did not know you had a blog. Glad I found it. Very truly yours, Zhombre

13 June, 2006 18:06  
Blogger Ymarsakar said...

Welcome, then zhombre.

13 June, 2006 23:49  

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