June 23, 2006

The Triumph of the Will

VDH makes some comments about the Nazi propaganda film by Leni Riefenstahl, The Triumph of the Will, which if you ever saw it, was quite spectacular. It really had the ability to energize the spirit. I do not refer to the film itself, I'm refering to the parades through the night streets, with everyone carrying a torch, forming themselves into the NAZI emblem. Pure, efficient, orderly. Even a young Jewish boy was caught up in the excitement when he snuck out to see such a sight. The sight I saw was on the history channel ,the sight, the sounds, and the atmosphere could not be done justice by words.

I am not admiring Nazi mythology, I only recognize the very human power of Nazi propaganda. Propaganda is more powerful and destructive than nuclear weapons simply because propaganda works on everyone at the same time while nuclear weapons are one shot deals that a lot of people resist trying to use on the entire world at once. Obviously self-preservation still serves its purpose in helping the human race survive.

UPDATE Wasn't VDH, was Bruce Thornton republished in VDH's private papers with permission.


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