November 20, 2006

Israel is kind of dumb

Israel warned the Palis that they were going to get bombed, and instead of running away, they the Palis crowded around to human shield the Hamas guys. Then Israel pulled the plug on the strike and said they had to review. What's there to review, kill the human shields. If you want them to stop using these tactics, you MUST not allow these tactics to bear fruit for the enemy.

Grim basically handled the same topic. Once again, proving to the world, that Americans have both the honesty and intellectual fortitude to do everything from decadent peace to total war better than anyone else on this Earth. And it proves that political leaders, of whatever stripe, are spineless cowards interested in not victory, but face and appearance.

This isn't controversial to me, this is obvious.

You want to get stuck in the situation Israel is in? Then by all means, act like a retarded sissy towards your enemies. Apologize when their human shields are killed. Avoid killing their human shields. Encourage more human shielding by rewarding their immoral tactics. Encourage more hostage taking by freeing thousands of palestinians for one or two Israelis. Go ahead, be like Israel, but understand this. Israel's philosophy is backed up by two pillars. The United States logistics support and the Israeli military. Without those two pillars, Israeli political elitism would die a very sudden and painful death.

This is also what happens when you elect the Left, to your platform. Don't expect, well, anything really effective.


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