November 14, 2006

Tim Larkin Self-Defense

A copy of a newsletter, which I think is important because it segues into the Terror War topic. The overall theme was covered by Blackfive, specifically, Grim at BF. Read this message, however, first.

"What Is The Ultimate Motivation In A Life-Or-Death Fight?"


"We must be eager to kill, to inflict on the enemy --
the hated enemy -- wounds, death, and destruction. If
we die killing, well and good, but if we fight hard
enough, viciously enough, we will kill and live. Live
to return home to our family and our girl as
conquering heroes -- men of Mars"

-- General George Patton


By this time you probably detect a theme in my
newsletters about the focus you need when faced by a
real life-or-death confrontation.

It's simply this: when faced with a life-or-death
violent confrontation where using violence is your
only option:

1. Don't hesitate.
2. Find your target and strike your target.
3. Keep striking targets until you have destroyed
the other guy.

Many clients come to me from other 'self-defense'
training where they are forced to deal with simulated
attacks. I'll pass on the quality of that training
approach and instead focus on the 'motivation' these
systems use to keep the client from freezing under

These 'motivators' revolve around fighting for your
life, fighting to go home to loved ones, fighting to
protect loved ones, or some variation of those themes.

But if you take a good look at those reasons they all
fall short for one critical reason: They are NOT what
truly gets the job done to focus yourself like a laser
in order to destroy the other guy. At best, they are
byproducts of the "ultimate motivation".

So what IS the ultimate motivation in a life-and-
death struggle?




Pretty simple.

What allows you to go home to your loved ones, to
protect them or yourself during a violent attack is --
hurting the other guy.

Imagine this scenario: A mugger puts a knife to your

Now, two totally different responses...

The person motivated to 'protect' himself/herself
grabs the wrist and tries to wrest control of the

The person motivated to hurt his/her other guy shifts
their torso, penetrates forward and delivers a closed
fist punch to the other guy's Adam's apple.

Two totally different responses, with totally
different results...

The former runs the risk of losing control of the
knife and getting seriously injured or killed.

The latter, by focusing on hurting the other guy,
neutralizes the knife by punching the Adam's apple and
starts to shut down the other guy's Central Nervous

The byproduct of the latter action is he/she gets to
go home, protect the vulnerable loved one with them,
or whatever other motivation they thought was the
reason they hurt the other guy in the first place.

The General Patton quote is pretty rough, but the
context was motivating his troops for war... literally
the same as what you're facing in a true life-or-
death struggle. He wanted each and every one of them
to come home, and he knew the best chance they had was
if they focused on inflicting as much damage as
possible to their enemy.

You'll notice... he didn't urge them to think of
their loved ones as a motivation to fight.

He told them that if they fought to inflict as much
damage as possible on the enemy, they'd return home to

Take a second to re-read that quote. I think you'll
probably see it in a much different content.

Until next time,

Tim Larkin
Creator of Target-Focus(TM) Training

Now, we get to Grim's piece concerning the terror war, and you will see commonalities and similarities concerning how to win a fight, whether war or something else. Grim talks about the virtues of killing children, so you might want to take a look if you missed out on the action.

A few other posts concerning strategy can be found here, for background reading.

Here's a neat link on Arab culture explained. One of those gems you find by accident mostly.

If you know me and my positions, you already know what conclusion I have drawn. So I won't bother re-iterating unnecessary things. Well, not now, at least.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reasons Why You Are an Ignorant Fuck, Part 278 in a Continuing Series:

"Most of it, I already postulated and derived from various sources"

See, the problem here is that you are assuming a) there is such a thing as a single Arab culture, b) you know anything about any Arab culture, c) you can "postulate" and "derive" information about a culture with which you have had no contact, and d) you can learn about another culture by reading blog posts written by people who also have no direct experience with that culture.

Since all of those assumptions are false, and yet you still consider yourself informed, you are: an ignorant fuck!

14 November, 2006 15:36  
Blogger Ymarsakar said...

The difference between you and me, is that I know not to overextend myself. You overextend yourself, and therefore you expose your arm to being broken.

The blog post I read, was from a person who had direct experience with the "culture". If you had learned basic balance techniques, you wouldn't be a worthless sack of shit in a fight. I feed off your rage, you know. As much as you are a vampire of misery, I am a vampire of rage. He who has more rage than me, will be my food source. So go ahead, feed me the rage. The crystaline power and smoothness of that godlike feeling, that beserker strength, amazing really. More powerful than any fake drug used by the Lefty Decadents.

You consume misery for fun's sake, but you hold not a candle to me.

Since the beginning of the Iraq phase of this conflict of civilizations, I've experienced the teeth-grinding frustration of watching both pro- and anti- Iraq sides make the exact same mistake - that of supposing that these people are bascially Americans in funny costumes. In this respect, George Bush and Michael Moore are equally clueless, as was Jill Carroll apparently.

I went to live and work in Saudi Arabia in 1998, and I "made my year" as expats there put it. That phrase means that I actually stuck out the whole year, instead of "running" from my contract, an occurrence so common that you only have to say "he did a runner" to explain why someone isn't showing up for work anymore. And while my experience wasn't nearly as unpleasant as Jill Carroll's, I could have told her a thing or two before she went to Iraq armed with her overflowing good will.

In Eastern Europe and the South Balkans, whenever I have gone to live in a place which I had formed opinions about, the actual experience of living there has always radically changed those opinions, sometimes into a completely contradictory ones. Most often, my academic research led me to form a beautifully coherent model which experience turned into a semi-coherent collection of observations and tentative conclusions.

In the case of the Kingdom, I went there with a certain sympathy for Arab grievances, a belief that America had earned a lot of hostility from "blowback" from our ham-handed interventionist foreign policy and support for Israel etc.

I came back with the gloomy opinion that over the long run we are going to have to hammer these people hard to get them to quit messing with Western Civilization. And by the way, among "rational, fair-minded" non-interventionist libertarians, not a damn one of them has asked me, "What in your experience caused you to change your mind?" Instead what I get are gratuitous insults followed by insufferably condescending lectures about how wrong I am.

So, with the caveat that one of the first things I learned was that the term “Arab” covers a lot of territory, here are some observations and some tentative conclusions about Arabs, more specifically about Arabs from the oil states about why we have misunderstood each other to the point that we are fighting a war with some of them and are pissing off the rest of them. I suspect that many of these also apply to Iranian Islamists, but I have never been there and note that Iranians are not Arabs and have a different cultural history.

1) They don’t think the same way we do.

No, I mean THEY REALLY DON'T THINK THE SAME WAY WE DO. Yes, yes, I know we are all human and share the same human nature (perhaps the most disastrous mistake of Marxism was the denial of this elementary fact). But within the scope of that shared human nature, there are a lot of different ways to be human. We Americans have a basically open attitude to our fellow human beings and sometimes forget this. Combined with the fact that most Americans are linguistic idiots, we tend to assume that anyone who learns to speak English learns to think like us.

You know not who you are dealing with, and you never will. For as a vampire, you have no name, no identity, and no image in the mirror.

The only thing that we have in common is that I use mozilla, you use firefox.

14 November, 2006 15:55  

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