November 20, 2006

The Mirror Dance

The government stinks—that’s the overwhelming impression that is undermining the public's support for the government and its institutions.
People are tired of criticizing and there's frustration about the government's ability to take serious measures to contain the conflict or improve performance.

Frankly speaking, the ordinary citizen lost faith in his government—worse than that would be the prospect of living with it for another four years and that sounds like a very bad idea if incompetence remains at the current level, or gets worse.

If that sounds like an American, then you are half-right. Click on the title-link to discovery the truth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you missed the big story.
While Congressman Charlie Rangel is talking about the draft, Senator Russ Fenigold wants to introduce legislation to pull troops out of Iraq by June 2007.
While the Republicans were too serious, the Democrats are too hilarious.
How can anyone predict what the Democrats will do when they do not even agree among their own?
Where,oh where, is the third party we need...

21 November, 2006 22:41  

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