March 08, 2005

All things Hanson and David

  1. UPDATE:Second VDH review

VDH interview

VDH Speech

If John Kerry were elected President, I would imagine that the Chinese, in this unstable world, might use it as an opportunity to see where and when he would cave. If he is going to cave on Iraq, he might cave on Taiwan. If he caves on Taiwan, he might cave on Israel. If he caves on Israel, he might cave on Afghanistan. All of these things are based on perceptions, so it is very important for the United States to be perceived as having not power, but overwhelming power, and not predictable in the way it would use it. That is why George Bush does a good job; nobody in the world knows quite what he will do, and they are not eager to test that.

Bush is scary and or weird, which is just how I like him.


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